Human Rights and Community

Human Rights and Community

Policies, Systems and Initiatives

Policies, systems and initiatives related to human rights

Contribution to the Community

Policies, Systems and Initiatives

Policies, systems and initiatives related to contribution to the community

Goals and Results

Boundary Medium- to Long-term Goal FY2019 Results
SG Holdings Group Contribution to sustainable urban development
  • Increase in the number of disaster agreements concluded
  • Increase in the number of cases of mixing freight and passengers
Promotion of regional industry and tourism
  • 14 Hands-Free Travel locations
  • Increase in the number of comprehensive partnership agreements for regional revitalization
Promotion of education aimed at development of next generation
  • Initiatives to support sports

Auxiliary Organizations

SGH Foundation(Japanese)
Item Unit Accumulated Total Unit Accumulated Total
International student scholarship support
(Accumulated total for 34 years from FY1986 until FY2019)
Persons 542 Million yen 123,918
Promotion of cancer research
(Accumulated total for 31 years from FY1989 until FY2019)
Cases 491 Million yen 48,400
Item Unit FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Scholarships provided to international students Cases 16 16 16
Million yen 4,080 3,840 4,608
Applications for cancer research grants Cases 195 198 179
Cancer research grants provided Cases 15 15 15
Million yen 1,500 1,500 1,500
International economic cooperation China (students) Persons 10 10 10
(human resource development support) Laos (students + workers) Persons 80 80 79
Vietnam (students) Persons 127 138 161
SGH Culture and Sports Promotion Foundation(Japanese)

*Name changed from "Sagawa Art Museum" in October 2019

Item Unit FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Number of museum visitors Persons 172,342 213,276 283,975
Major collaborative projects and education promotion activities with Moriyama City
Welfare Day*1
Persons 1,887
(156 facilities)
(122 facilities)
(78 facilities)
Art viewing classroom*2
(All 4th grade students in 9 public elementary schools in Moriyama City)
Persons 932 1,013 1,003

*1Users of welfare and nursing facilities in Shiga Prefecture were invited to visit for free when the museum was closed on Welfare Day.

*2The art viewing classroom aims to assist in deepening local residents' understanding and affinity for art.

Social Contribution Activities

Item Boundary Unit FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Social contribution activity expenses Japan Million yen 217 237 237