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Chairperson, CEO and President


At SG Holdings Group, we view the logistics business as part of our social infrastructure. The SG Holdings Group Charter of Corporate Conduct, which is a statement of our corporate philosophy, discusses "stakeholder management"—our efforts to meet the expectations of all the stakeholders of our business: customers, employees, local communities, shareholders, and business partners. We are advancing our efforts to realize a sustainable society, from a variety of perspectives.

In recent years, the logistics business has become widely accepted as part of our social infrastructure. Fortunately for us, although society has been changing dramatically, our company has been able to maintain a solid business. This is a very happy outcome, but we also have a strong sense of responsibility that society's expectations of our industry as a whole have risen sharply.

In order to present our CSR activities to all our stakeholders, in this CSR Report, we exhaustively address the efforts we are making to sustain our society and our Group, aligned with the Group's seven material CSR issues. If this report helps to communicate our message and deepen our stakeholders' understanding, we will be more than happy. We hope we can continue to rely on your support in the future.