History of the SG Holdings Group

Always providing optimal logistics with "Hikyaku no kokoro" (the spirit of Edo-era express messengers) in our heartsess

The history and past efforts of the SG Holdings Group.

Corporate Philosophy

  • 一.Earn the trust of customers and society and grow together.
  • 一.Create new value, contributing to social development.
  • 一.Always take on the challenges presented to us, pursuing all possibilities.

Founding spirit:
"Hikyaku no kokoro" (the spirit of Edo-era express messengers)


Sagawa Express founder Kiyoshi Sagawa starts courier business in Kyoto, operating mainly between Kyoto and Osaka

Founder Kiyoshi Sagawa began a courier business in Kyoto, operating mainly between Kyoto and Osaka. "Hikyaku no Kokoro" (the spirit of express messenger) refers to the way he approached his work by thinking of the customer at all times, and doing everything he could on their behalf. That spirit has been passed on to successive generations and continues uninterrupted even today, half a century later.


Begins "Hanger Transportation"

The 1980s was a transitional period for the Group, as it responded to changes in business style by moving from its former domain of "transport business" to "comprehensive logistics company." This was the golden era of designer brands in the Japanese fashion industry. It was in these circumstances that apparel manufacturers requested a way of transporting garments on hangers without needing to package them, resulting in the launch of "hanger transportation." This, together with other initiatives such as constructing storage warehouses, marked the company's first steps away from transportation only and towards the business of comprehensive logistics.


Pure holding company "SG Holdings" established

With the objective of speeding up decision-making in response to the ever-changing needs of customers, a pure holdings company, SG Holdings Co., Ltd., was established to incorporate the functions of formulating and administering management strategy.


Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchan

On December 13, 2017, the Group was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Providing one-stop solutions from
upstream to downstream logistics

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The SG Holdings Group is active in a wide range of areas including the Delivery Business, the Logistics Business, the Real Estate Business and Other Businesses supporting logistics functions in order to meet the logistics needs of all customers not simply limited to "express package delivery services" and provides optimal solutions organically combining the Group's resources.

Main Business Areas

Delivery Business Delivery Business

Centered on the door-to-door delivery service provided by Sagawa Express, we offer a variety of services related to transportation such as the assembly and installation of large furniture and home appliances.

Logistics Business Logistics Business

The Group operates a third-party logistics (3PL) business including logistics processing, product storage and consigned freight forwarding, in addition to customs clearing and freight forwarding business in Japan and overseas to provide logistics services spanning the entirety of customers' supply chains.

Real Estate Business Real Estate Business

We perform real estate development, utilization and management centered on logistics facilities that make up the Group's key infrastructure.

Other Businesses Other Businesses

We operate a variety of businesses in areas supporting the Group's core businesses, such as vehicle maintenance, IT systems, finance and temporary staffing.

The SG Holdings Group in Numbers

Total of the number of head offices, offices and sales offices of Group companies
*As of March 31, 2023

Locations 1,462

Employee information is for all Group companies
*As of March 31, 2023

Employees 94,087

Total number of packages handled in FY2022 as the Group's main product

Packages handled 1,410,000,000

Social contribution activities as a company handling infrastructure in the form of logistics

We place importance on connections with society as a company handling social infrastructure in the form of logistics. We will introduce some of those initiatives.

Initiatives by the SG Holdings Group

As the importance of logistics increases more than ever with changes in the times,
we will continue to move forward to meet the logistics needs of all customers based on the "Hikyaku no kokoro" (the spirit of Edo-era express messengers).