Respect for Human Rights


The SG Holdings Group's corporate philosophy is "Trust, Create, Challenge." The foundation for the SG Holdings Group creating new value by obtaining the trust of its stakeholders is respect for human rights.

The SG Holdings Group Code of Ethics and Conduct states "We will respect each person's human right, individuality and personality and create a workplace environment that maximizes the abilities of individual employees," revealing the basic stance of respect for human rights.

The Code applies to all officers and employees of the SG Holdings Group, and they are required to act in accordance with the Code.
Employees and others understand the content of the Code, swear to act in accordance with the Code and sign a written oath. Any person who acts in violation of the Code or disregards a violation is subject to punishment pursuant to the Rules of Employment and other internal regulations. Revision and abolition of the Code requires approval of the Board of Directors.

Furthermore, we have established the SG Holdings Group's Human Rights Policy prohibiting human rights violations and acts that lead to discrimination and abuse, and are making efforts to respect human rights. This clarifies how the SG Holdings Group addresses human rights issues related to the business activities of the SG Holdings Group based on the Code.

The Policy applies to all officers and employees of the SG Holdings Group. Furthermore, we also expect business partners to understand and adhere to the items in the Policy, with the aim of coexistence and coprosperity.

Human Rights Policy

As our business accelerates globally, the SG Holdings Group is committed to a corporate policy that respects the human rights of all of our stakeholders. For that reason, we established the SG Holdings Group's Human Rights Policy to broadly declare and raise awareness about our commitment both inside and outside of the Group.

This policy articulates in very concrete terms our concept of human rights based on the SG Holdings Group Charter of Corporate Conduct and Code of Ethics and Conduct.


The SG Holdings Group respects and advocates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its goals in regard to human rights.

This policy expresses in detail our stance on human rights based on our Charter of Corporate Conduct and Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Respect for everyone's human rights

We will not discriminate on account of gender, race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political opinion, sexual orientation (such as LGBT), marital status, pregnancy, childbirth, medical history, disability, illness, or any other discriminatory basis.

Legal compliance

We will comply with all laws in each country and region. In countries or regions that do not have strict laws, we will comply with international rules.

Prevention of human rights abuse

We will build and continue to implement a system for "Human Rights Due Diligence"* to prevent occurrences of human rights abuse.

Prohibition of child labor and forced labor

We will prohibit work by children under the minimum working age designated by the laws in each country or region. We will also prohibit forced labor. In addition, we will request our business partners to also prohibit child and forced labor.

Avoidance of Complicity in Human Rights Abuse

We will not be complicit in the abuse of human rights. In addition, we will strive to avoid complicity through receiving benefits or the silent condoning of complicity.

Response to Occurrence of Abuse

We will determine countermeasures to be implemented in the event of human rights abuse. We will protect the victim of abuse and the informer, and work to promptly and fairly resolve the situation.

Safety and Health

We will prioritize safety in the workplace and promote the health of all employees.

Transparency and Promotion of Awareness

We will report the activities of the SG Holdings Group with transparency.

We will continue to promote awareness of the "SG Holdings Group's Human Rights Policy" among our employees and will request our business partners to respect and enforce human rights.

*Human Rights Due Diligence: process to recognize, prevent, and respond to any negative impacts on human rights.


As an initiative for the Human Rights Policy in the SG Holdings Group, the "Ask Anything" consultation office has been established as a contact point for reporting and inquiries by employees. Dedicated staff members are assigned to this contact point to handle issues such as the working environment, unjust discrimination, power harassment, sexual harassment, maternity harassment, and human rights violations against LGBT and people with disabilities. Further, a dedicated contact point for women has been set up based on the assumption that there will be human rights violations unique to women.

In addition to the "Ask Anything" consultation office, reports on acts in violation of laws, regulations, internal regulations and the Code of Ethics and Conduct (including human rights violations) are received via the "Compliance Hotline" internal reporting system. The Hotline is a contact point not only for employees, but also employees' families and partner companies, and also provides an external contact point at an attorney's office in addition to the internal contact point, providing support in English and Chinese for overseas corporations. All information related to reports is kept confidential, people who file reports and other people cooperating in inquiries are kept anonymous, and internal regulations prohibit them from being treated unfairly.

Information concerning reports submitted to the "Compliance Hotline" is collected and analyzed by the Compliance Control Department, and issues are identified and proposals for improvements are considered. Through the SG Holdings Group Risk Management Meetings chaired by the Group Risk Management Supervision Manager (director responsible for SG Holdings management and control), and attended by the heads of departments of the company and the risk management supervision managers of Group companies (presidents), the Compliance Control Department continually improves the Group as a whole through the Compliance Control Department reporting monitoring results and sharing information with all participants each quarter.

Main Departments Responsible for Human Rights

Department responsible Initiatives Themes and details
SG Holdings Group "Ask Anything" consultation office "Ask Anything" consultation office for employee inquiries Unjust discrimination, harassment, and human rights violations against LGBT and people with disabilities
Compliance Control Department "Compliance Hotline" internal reporting system
Aggregation and analysis related to the hotline and reporting of the results through Group Risk Management Meetings held quarterly
Violations of laws, regulations, internal regulations and the Code of Ethics and Conduct (including human rights violations)


Promoting Human Rights Policy-based Training

All employees of all Group companies are required to familiarize themselves with the above human rights policy, and we are working to ensure that all employees receive training in human rights.

Status of Harassment Prevention Training

The SG Holdings Group has decided that each of June and December is a "Harassment Prevention Month" as a major initiative in our drive to create a positive work environment that is harassment-free. In such a workplace, the diversity, personality, and individuality of all employees are respected, which motivates employees to work actively. In fiscal 2019, we strove to implement broader harassment-prevention training, ranging from general explanations and definitions of harassment to the promotion of practical rules for workplace harassment prevention.

Identification of Prominent Human Rights Issues Unique to the Business

The SG Holdings Group is aware of the following human rights risks in the logistics and transportation business

  • Health and safety of employees
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Forced labor in the workplace

Stakeholder Engagement for Verifying Human Rights Risks and Effects

The SG Holdings Group conducts education by exchanging opinions through groupwork between employees on the identification of causes and the prevention of harassment, and aims to eradicate human rights violations.

Commitment to the Respect of Human Rights in Corporate Activities

The SG Holdings Group has established its policies on respect for human rights and the ethics and norms of employees in the "Code of Ethics and Conduct," and is working to spread awareness by posting it on the company Intranet. Furthermore, periodic training is conducted for all employees to foster correct understanding and awareness of the policies. Efforts are also being made to introduce this into first-year training and prevent the violation of human rights.

Building an Organization of Diversity and Inclusion