Policies, Systems and Initiatives

Policies, systems and initiatives related to quality

Goals and Results (Sagawa Express)

Boundary Medium- to Long-term Goal FY2020 Goals FY2019 Results
Sagawa Express Maintenance and improvement As shown in following table Sagawa Express of service quality Improvement of time quality, freight quality, and response quality (compared to previous fiscal year) As shown in following table
Quality items (Sagawa Express) Scope Result
Time quality (1) Time-band service Improved
(2) Absence redelivery
(3) Morning commercial delivery
Freight quality (4) Outbound freight accidents Improved
Response quality (5) Requests from customers Improved

Quality Checks by Function (Sagawa Express)

Frequency Name Purpose Participants/Persons in Charge
Head Office Branches Sales Offices Internal
Weekly Quality report at companywide morning meeting Report the state of achievement of quality items (see the above). Immediately respond if there are any problems. Directors General Managers Branch Managers Sales Office Managers
Monthly Nationwide quality promotion personnel meeting Consider analysis of quality-related problems and measures to prevent their recurrence. Directors Quality Assurance Department Sales Department Transportation Network Department Quality Managers Managers Quality Managers Managers
Annually Internal audit Check quality of over 70 items in all sales offices nationwide. Internal auditors are qualified personnel within the company (approx. 3,000 qualified)