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Advertisements and PR activities of the SG Holdings Group.

Television commercials

"A Smarter Tomorrow"

Shot at the SG Holdings Group's Nouvelle Golf Club.

While showing the names of all Group companies, the commercial depicts how a variety of people working at the golf course put thought into working for customers to fulfill their duties. It expresses the sincere efforts that employees of Group companies are making as they work as one for a "smart tomorrow" for customers and society.


This commercial follows the various businesses supporting logistics in the SG Holdings Group through a point-of-view shot, with the names of all Group companies appearing. It provides an image of the Group working as one striving to become "Asia's Leading Comprehensive Logistics Group."

It uses cuts of trucks transporting packages and rows of cattle in Vietnamese farmland and scenes of running through the streets of Sri Lanka to deliver packages with a pop background music track. This shows how the SG Holdings Group will continue to develop further through logistics while coexisting with all people living in Asia.