Returns to Shareholders

Dividend Policy

The Company recognizes returns to shareholders to be an important management issue, and its basic policy is to provide an interim dividend and a year-end dividend with a combined consolidated payout ratio of 30% while retaining the internal reserves required for future business expansion and enhancement of management structure.

Status of Dividends

Annual dividend per share were 50 yen in the year ended March 31, 2022. The dividend forecast for the year ending March 31, 2023 is 51 yen per share. (As of April 28, 2022)

Annual dividend per share Year ended Year ended March 31,2020 22.0yen. Year ended March 31,2021 35.0yen. Year ended March 31,2022 50.0yen. Year ended March 31,2023 51.0yen.(forecast)

For convenience, the amounts of annual dividend per share are all shown as the amounts after the following share splits.

1:2 share split of common shares on November 1, 2020 (effective date)(140KB)

(As of April 28, 2022)
Dividend per share Remarks
Interim Year-end Annual
earnings forecast
25.00 yen 26.00 yen 51.00 yen
FY2022/3 20.00 yen 30.00 yen 50.00 yen
FY2021/3 18.00 yen
(including a special dividend of 5.00 yen)
17.00 yen 35.00 yen 1:2 share split
(November 1, 2020)
FY2020/3 11.00 yen 11.00 yen 22.00 yen

Purchase of Treasury Shares

The Company does not have any plans to purchase treasury shares at present.

Excluding purchases pursuant to Article 155, item (vii) of the Companies Act (purchase of shares less than one unit).

Cancellation of Treasury Shares

The Company does not have any plans to cancel treasury shares at present.

Shareholder Special Benefit Plans

The Company does not have any plans to implement shareholder special benefit plans at present.

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