Building an Organization that Respects Individuality and Diversity


Awareness of Social Challenges

In the international community, the sustainable development goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations advocate the elimination of all forms of discrimination and inequality. Building a mechanism for diverse human resources to play a greater role has become a pressing issue in Japan due to the declining birthrate and aging population and the rapidly shrinking workforce. As a company, we need to establish an environment in which people can fulfill their potential through work regardless of gender, nationality, race or disability.

The SG Holdings Group recognizes that it is essential to eliminate all forms of inequality, engage in initiatives that for the respect of human rights, and also create systems and culture enabling diverse employees to work worldwide in order to ensure the survival and development of the business and the company. The Group will promote the respect for human rights of not only employees but also a wide range of stakeholders throughout the entire value chain, promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion including active participation by women, create employment and labor systems, and realize work-life balance through the promotion of work style reforms to contribute to the creation of a better society.

Building an Organization that Respects Individuality and Diversity