CSR Promotional Structure

SG Holdings plans CSR for the Group as a whole, and manages and supervises the initiatives of each Group company based on this.

CSR Promotional Structure

CSR Committee

The SG Holdings Group has set up a CSR Committee for the purpose of implementing CSR on a management level. The committee consists of Directors and the heads of Corporate Planning and departments in charge of CSR, with meetings held quarterly. Discussion of important measures and management systems related to CSR leads to continuous improvement of initiatives.


Chairperson and CEO, SG Holdings Co., Ltd.
Committee members
Seven Directors, two Executive Officer
and two General Managers* of SG Holdings Co., Ltd.
(Fiscal 2019)

*The title name was changed in July 2020.

Other attendees
One Director of Sagawa Forestry Co., Ltd.

Meetings Held in Fiscal 2019

May 2019
October 2019
January 2020
March 2020

Main agenda items

  • Report of matters relating to CSR management
  • Progress report on CSR activities

Meeting of CSR Managers from Group Companies in Japan

The Group regularly holds meetings of CSR managers from the Group's companies in Japan to share information on the CSR activities of each company and to hold study sessions, inviting outside lecturers.
Overseas Group companies are individually provided with occasions for the sharing of information and study sessions.

Meetings Held in Fiscal 2019

September 2019 with participation by 15 companies
February 2020  

*distribution of documents only

Main agenda items

  • Collection of environmental data
  • ESG evaluation
  • Seminars related to SDGs
  • CSR targets
Meeting of CSR Managers from Group Companies in Japan