Sustainability Promotion Structure

SG Holdings plans sustainability measures for the Group as a whole, and manages and supervises the initiatives of each Group company based on this.

CSR Promotional Structure

Sustainability Committee

The SG Holdings Group has set up a Sustainability Committee made up of all full-time Directors as members for the purpose of implementing sustainability initiatives on a management level. In principle, meetings are held quarterly to discuss measures and the management system related to important issues such as climate change, compliance, and health and safety to continually improve initiatives.


Chairperson Chairperson and CEO of SG Holdings Co., Ltd.
Committee members All full-time Directors of SG Holdings Co., Ltd. and others

Meetings Held

Sustainability Committee*
Meetings Held
FY 2022 Main Agenda Items
1st July
  • Status of CO2 emissions
  • Examination of CO2 emission reduction measures
  • Formulation of medium- to long-term reduction targets
2nd November
3rd January
4th March

*The name changed from CSR Committee to Sustainability Committee in September 2022.