Traffic Safety


The three following companies handle most of the transportation operations of the SG Holdings Group. To ensure traffic safety, they are all engaged in basic policies on transportation safety based on the Transport Safety Management System established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

  • Sagawa Express
  • SG Moving
  • World Supply

Basic Policy on Transportation Safety

  • Under the Corporate Philosophy of the SG Holdings Group, all employees will work as one to constantly improve transportation safety by putting human life first through close cooperation between Group companies based on the Charter of Corporate Conduct.
  • Management executives will lead efforts to ensure transportation safety within the company by having a deep understanding that ensuring transportation safety is the bedrock of management of the business. Furthermore, they will instill awareness among employees of the highest importance of ensuring transportation safety.
  • We will steadily implement safety management and conduct operations with safety as the top priority.
  • When utilizing partner companies, we will not conduct any act that impedes the business operator’s practice to ensure transportation safety. Furthermore, we will strive to cooperate with partner companies in the improvement of transportation safety.
  • We will publish information on transportation safety.


Each company in the Group is addressing problems related to safety including traffic accidents through means such as the establishment of individual safety committees based on the Transport Safety Management System established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Sagawa Express also provides its training facilities and training systems to the two other companies to promote traffic safety throughout the entire Group.

Relevant Committees of the Three Companies

Company Name of Committee Person Responsible Frequency of Meetings
Sagawa Express Safety Meeting Director in Charge of Administration Once per month
SG Moving Labor Safety Meeting General Manager Once per month
World Supply Labor and Safety Promotion Meeting General Manager Once per month


Safety Education
To Reduce Accidents Involving the Company

Establishment of a Safety Education System

Newly hired drivers at Sagawa Express undergo training and guidance on safe driving, and are required to pass an examination to work solo as Sales Drivers. Periodic guidance is also provided afterward to enable them to continue to drive safely. Training, guidance, and examinations are only provided by personnel who have internal qualifications in a system that provides the same level of education and certification to all drivers. Training is also periodically provided to these instructors and examiners to create a system in which the necessary education is always provided to the workplace.

The two other companies have also established safety education systems providing training and manuals that match their own business characteristics based on the standard set by Sagawa Express.

Driver Training Facilities

Sagawa Express has driver training facilities with driving training courses. These facilities are also used for safety education for other Group companies and Safe Driving Training Services for outside the Group.

Continuous Accident-free Award System

Sagawa Express has established a Continuous Accident-free Award System for sales offices nationwide. Being continuously accident-free is quantified by multiplying the number of vehicles held by the continuous number of days without accidents. It is one of the motivations for all drivers in a sales office to unit and engage in safe driving.

Community Outreach

Traffic Safety Classes

Sagawa Express has periodically held traffic safety classes for children and the elderly in local communities since 2003.

Total Number Held Total Number of Participants
Traffic Safety Classes 13,476 times 1,628,346 employees

*All initiatives were suspended from fiscal 2020 to fiscal 2022 from the perspective of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic

Safe Driving Training Services

To achieve a sustainable, safe society, Sagawa Express offers "Safe Driving Training Services" as a business providing safe driving expertise to corporate clients, and provides the knowledge developed by the company’s professional drivers to other business operators that use vehicles. The service not only provides training for drivers, but also training on methods of instruction for driving instructors, supporting the creation of in-house training systems by other business operators.

Ensuring Vehicle Maintenance

SG Motors, which is responsible for vehicle maintenance in the SG Holdings Group, performs statutory inspections in addition to maintenance and inspections nationwide in accordance with its own unified standards. For example, due to the collection and delivery vehicles used by Sagawa Express undergoing "stop and go," "cutting the engine" and "removing and inserting the key" more frequently than ordinary vehicles, the company performs a wide range of inspections of parts susceptible to wear and tear, and replaces the relevant parts earlier. It also sets inspection items according to the model year of the vehicle, ensuring maintenance is performed according to nationally unified standards regardless of manufacturer to establish a system of "preventative maintenance" to prevent breakdowns from occurring.

Operation Management Using IT

Cloud-based Telematics*1 Platform

To ensure safe transportation, cargo transport companies using trucks and other vehicles are required to comply with Japan’s Motor 'Truck Transportation Business Act, Road Traffic Act, and other regulations, and perform meticulous transport management operations. Digital tachographs*2 are used to record driving data, including three statutory elements (speed, time, and distance), along with sudden acceleration and deceleration, abrupt steering maneuvers, excessive speed and other information about individual driver behaviors and habits. With these data, companies can prevent accidents by providing drivers with appropriate safety guidance. Typically, the transport management systems offered by digital tachograph manufacturers offer limited compatibility with third-party systems and devices. To solve this issue, SG Systems developed the Biz-Fleet telematics platform which boasts a cloud-based architecture enabling compatibility with a variety of digital tachograph systems. In addition to digital tachograph management, Biz-Fleet integrates breath alcohol checks, driving recorders, smartphones and other IoT devices, all of which can be collected and managed seamlessly in the cloud.

Sagawa Express has introduced the system in some sales offices, improving the efficiency of operations through the utilization of "IT roll call" enabling roll calls between drivers in external garages and other separate locations from sales offices and Operation Managers in remote locations, and the automation of driving logs.

*1Refers to onboard data systems which provide communication functions to receive data and contents and provide two-way communications

*2Digital driving recording systems

Providing Safe and Secure Services