Labor Practices

Policies, Systems and Initiatives

Policies, systems and initiatives related to labor practices

Goals and Results

Boundary Medium- to Long-term Goal FY2020 Goals FY2019 Results
SG Holdings Group (Japan) Creating a friendly work environment
  • Overtime hours in FY2019Reduction (actual)
    3.3% reduction for drivers (YoY)
  • Overtime hours in FY2018 Reduction (actual)
    8.4% reduction for drivers (YoY)
  • Overtime hours in FY2019 Reduction (actual)
    7.8% reduction for employees other than drivers (YoY)
  • Overtime hours in FY2018 Reduction (actual)
    5.3% reduction for drivers (YoY)
By improving the ways we use employee engagement surveys, we are working to create a vibrant organization with a "flat" corporate culture. Same or Higher Than Previous Year
  • 57.0% affirmative response rate for "employee engagement" questions (up 1.0% year-on-year)
  • 51.0% affirmative response rate for "creating and environment that makes good use of employees" questions (up 2.0% year-on-year)

Training for Human Resource Development

In our training functions at SG Holdings Group, we view all of our personnel as an irreplaceable resource. We are striving to develop "problem-solving-typed leaders" who can create new value while solving the problems of customers and society as a whole. More specifically, our aim is to promote growth through hands-on OJT training, while also providing opportunities for individuals to add to their skills and knowledge through OFF-JT. By helping them grow, we are developing leaders who can take responsibility for the future of our business.

We strive to develop both individuals and organizations by maintaining high levels of motivation among all employees and promoting work environments in which employees can thrive with a self of fulfillment. To this end, we have strategically developed systems for reward and commendation to support an atmosphere in which employees are praised, recognized and thanked for their hard work.

Major Groupwide Training Programs

Training Title Details
Training in Asia To strategically train future core personnel to handle oversea business, by giving talented young
employees oversea experiences at an early stage.
Sending Trainees Abroad Screening is by application. Our aim is to touch the vital points of our foreign and domestic business
by giving people an opportunity to study business abroad for a certain period, to make them aware of the value our own business provides.
Bright Future Vision Committee Started in FY2013, this committee targets young employees to train next-generation leaders.
SGH University In 2017, we started to see this as a venue for learning basic business literacy.
Classes may take the form of group training or e-learning.
Next-generation Leader Development Training We conduct training for mid-level employees chosen from among assistant managers and managers,
to develop the human resources who will lead the next generation and reform our organizational structure.
Training by Level This is an opportunity to learn the things needed for roles at every level.
Major Groupwide Training Programs

Human Resource Training Hours and Total Number of Trainees

Item Boundary Unit FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Total hours of training Group Hours - - 237,607
Total number of trainees Persons - - 6,251