Coexistence with Nature


The SG Holdings Group positions "coexistence of society and nature" as an important environmental initiative, and is engaged in a wide range of environmental communication activities primarily targeting children who will be responsible for the next generation in accordance with its Environmental Policy.


Environmental Awareness for the Next Generation

Takao 100-Year Forest Project

Sagawa Express is continually holding nature experience training at the Takao 100-Year Forest (in Tokyo) for children who will lead the next generation to learn about connections between nature and people through experiences in undeveloped woodlands (Satoyama).

Furthermore, in collaboration with many parties including citizens, universities and other educational institutions, experts and NPOs, the company is proceeding with the regeneration of "undeveloped woodlands (Satoyama) where people and nature coexist" along a long timeline based on a long-term vision symbolized by the term "100 years."

Takao 100-Year Forest

On-demand Classes on the Environment

Sagawa Express provides on-demand classes on the environment to elementary schools and kindergartens, and introduces environmental activities and forest preservation activities through the logistics of Sagawa Express using quizzes and delivery demonstrations. Furthermore, children become more familiar with nature through experiences such as making nameplates from thinned wood sourced from Sagawa Forests, which are owned by Sagawa Forestry in the Kochi and Tokushima prefectures.

On-demand Classes on the Environment

National Eco Art Contest

SG Holdings and Sagawa Express hold a National Eco Art Contest for elementary school students throughout Japan. The most outstanding work that received the Minister of the Environment Award was used to wrap Sagawa Express trucks, which have driven mainly in major metropolitan areas throughout Japan.

Special site "National Eco Art Contest"

Environmental Awareness for Employees

Sagawa Express is implementing "Sagawa Express Environmental Action," in which all employees engage in eco-activities focused on monthly themes, to raise environmental awareness among employees.

Environmental Awareness for Employees

Forest Preservation

Sagawa Forestry, which owns approximately 800 hectares of Sagawa Forests in the Kochi and Tokushima prefectures, conducts forest preservation programs to achieve its greatest mission of "protecting the forest cycle."

Forest preservation has been gaining attention in recent years as a means to address climate change by capturing CO2 while trees are growing. However, the continuation of forestry businesses is increasingly becoming an issue due to the aging of workers, and this has led to the problem of forests becoming devastated due to failure to perform the necessary maintenance.

Considering such social issues, Sagawa Forestry is working with local forest associations and other groups to continue to implement forestry conservation programs such as planting, brushing, pruning, and tree thinning, while acquiring new forests with the aim of realizing sustainable forestry management. The timber produced has been used in the next-generation large-scale logistics center X FRONTIER as well as the Atami Park recreational facility used by Group employees and their families. By promoting the use of rich forest resources in these ways, the company is contributing to the maintenance of the forest cycle.

In addition, we utilize the carbon credits (*J-Credit) created by forests to partially offset CO2 emissions due to Group business activities.

*Under the J-Credit scheme, the government certifies the amount of greenhouse gas emissions (such as CO2) reduced or removed by sinks through efforts to introduce energy-saving devices and manage forests, as “credit.”

Tosayamada Forest
Tosayamada Forest
Use of timber from thinned trees in the Group's shared housing completed in fiscal 2018
Reception of Atami Park

Promoting Environmentally Friendly Business Activities