CSR Statement

The Group has made a CSR Statement clearly showing the significance and approach of its CSR activities based on the material CSR issues of the Group that were identified in fiscal 2017. The statement explicitly states how we as the SG Holdings Group would like to be involved with society and how we would like to provide value to society. We will use it as a reference to return to at times such as when formulating business plans and in everyday operations.

"Smoothing Out Today,
for a Smarter Tomorrow"

Today, the SG Holdings Group
is devoting all of our efforts to using logistics
to provide people with worry-free lives.

This means offering safe, reliable logistics infrastructure.
It means living in harmony with the global environment,
helping to preserve an abundant, happy way of life.

And by using the power of our comprehensive logistics solutions
to create new value,
we hope to build a smarter tomorrow.

The SG Holdings Group will continue contributing to society through its business,
working toward a future in which people connect,
and smiles bring them together.