Value Creation Story of the SG Holdings Group

A business continuing to produce value and a unique business model A business continuing to produce value and a unique business model

The SG Holdings Group targets the entire logistics industry, and has provided customers with value not limited to express package delivery services starting with Sales Drivers nationwide. At present, the Group is providing total logistics solutions by operating a unique business model leveraging a variety of strengths it has developed until now.

Value Creation Model of the SG Holdings Group

The SG Holdings Group has perpetuated its philosophy from the time of its founding, and has always aimed to provide logistics optimized for the needs of customers while flexibly responding to changes in the environment.

We will continue to strengthen our logistics functions and provide solutions that make customers more competitive, in addition to working toward the enhancement of corporate value and the realization of a sustainable society through engagement with our stakeholders.

Strengths of the SG Holdings Group
- Seven Key Assets -

Resource characteristics


Insight, know-how and
IT infrastructure forming
the source for
proposal of optimal solutions

Intellectual capital such as insight and know-how accumulated within the Group as we have met the diverse requirements of customers since the Group was founded, and IT infrastructure supporting the promotion of DX are significant management resources that are essential for the Group’s growth, leading to the resolution of fundamental issues faced in logistics.

GOAL plays a central role in this, serving to provide advanced logistics solutions by connecting the Group’s management resources.

Logistics solutions
  • Express package
    delivery services
  • TMS
  • 3PL
  • Real estate
  • Global
  • Other
    (IT, payment, etc.)
Full digitalization of
invoice information
(Completed in April 2022)
Common Group
IT infrastructure
(SGH platform)
Smart Club members
Approx. 14 million
Number of LINE friends
(as of August 2023)

Human capital

Source of value-added

“Our employees” are one of the Group’s most important management resources. We propose optimal order-made solutions by understanding needs and discovering wants of customers through day-to-day communication. The Group’s strength is GOAL playing a central role to resolve customers’ logistics issues based on information gathered by approximately 26,000 SALES DRIVERs. The information gathering capability of SALES DRIVERs and the problem-solving capability of GOAL are the source creating added value.

Furthermore, we will strive to create workplaces in which diverse personnel are able to work without prejudice based on gender, age, disability or nationality to realize the enhancement of corporate value.

Consolidated number of
(including partner employees: 41,819)
GOAL members
Approx. 500
Employee engagement survey
(positive responses)
Environment for
leveraging employees
(positive responses)
Percentage of female
Percentage of female


Partners supporting business

The Group actively coordinates with partner companies in long-haul transportation and the last one mile delivery. This enables dynamic responses according to the number of express delivery packages and the creation of a business model in which profitability is not affected by changes in the number of packages. Strategic alliances have been built not only with fellow transportation companies, but also by partnering with companies in different businesses such as IT companies. We believe it is necessary to rely on our own strength as well as build business partnerships with partners in a wide range of industries to meet the diverse needs of customers and also achieve sustained growth.

Long-haul transportation
partner companies
Approx. 310
Companies providing
services together
(Japan Post, Seino Holdings,
Japan Freight Railway,
CBcloud, etc.)
Delivery supporters
Local governments with
TMS partner companies
Approx. 1,620
(Open innovation activities)


Sound financial structure

The Group will increase earning capacity and stabilize its financial base to further enhance medium- to long-term corporate value by striving to balance investment aimed at future growth, stable and continuous returns to shareholders and internal reserves for the future.

Operating margin
Equity ratio
Free cash flow
billion yen


Nationwide network

The Group is a corporate group with 1,462 locations throughout Japan. We constantly review our network and equipment to increase transportation efficiency and improve productivity. We also contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by introducing environmentally friendly technologies and equipment and reducing CO2 emissions.

Number of locations
(including Sagawa Express
locations: 427 sales offices, 22
transfer centers, 403 small stores)
Total warehouse floor area
(Sagawa Global Logistics)
Approx.1.48million sqm
Number of vehicles


Customer base spanning all
industries and areas

The Group provides services to over one million companies, meeting the logistics needs of diverse industries and domains. With the stay-at-home demand and changes in lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic, companies that had previously only conducted in-person sales through stores, etc. entered the e-commerce channel, expanding change in distribution routes, leading to the emergence of new markets and the expansion of markets ranging from food to pharmaceuticals.
The Group recognizes that target industries and domains are expanding, therefore we will provide solutions leading to the resolution of customers’ issues and their business growth by increasing products and services in response to these.

Number of customers using services
1million companies


Promotion of environmental
initiatives leading the industry

Promotion of decarbonization is recognized as a priority issue for a corporate group handling social infrastructure in the form of logistics. The Group has been leading the industry with initiatives to reduce environmental impact since the 1990s, such as switching to environmentally friendly vehicles. We also implement preservation activities in the forests we own.

Percentage of
environmentally friendly
vehicles including EVs
Area of forests owned
Renewable energy
percentage in electric
power used
Number of eco-friendly
uniforms used

Approx. 3.5million
(equivalent to 17.4 million PET bottles)

Business model and competitive strengths

The Group’s business starts with needs and issues learned from customers by Sales Drivers in the express package delivery services that are the Group's core business. The Group’s business model is to combine the resources of the Group and partner companies so as to make order-made logistics proposals, accumulate knowledge and know-how, and enhance logistics solutions through approximately 26,000 Sales Drivers finding logistics issues by communicating with customers when they conduct day-to-day collection and delivery operations.

Competitive strengths

High-quality information-gathering capability and problem-solving capability

  • Transactions with diverse customers numbering up to one million companies
  • Information-gathering by Sales Drivers starting with close communication with customers at the time of collection and delivery
  • Order-made logistics proposals by highly specialized personnel centered on GOAL

Forward-looking transportation network supporting customers (transportation infrastructure specializing in from B)

  • Operation of large facilities which enables high volumes of diverse (size and length) packages shipped by corporate customers to handle
  • Integrated distribution center combining delivery and logistics
  • Provision of one-stop logistics by combining the functions of Group companies

Transportation network optimized for from B

Flexible and strict workplace control eliciting optimal solutions

Thorough profit management seeking optimization

  • Visualization of costs, operations and productivity using IT
  • Realization of appropriate cost control through management of cost per express delivery package
  • Improvement of margin through initiatives to receive appropriate freight tariffs conscious of costs

A network not affected by the number of packages

  • Close coordination with partner companies in long-haul transportation and the Last One Mile
  • Realization of flexible responses and stabilization of margin according to the number of packages in express package delivery services supported by coordination with partner companies

In order to respond to rapidly changing socioeconomic environment, the Group established the long-term vision of “Grow the New Story. New logistics, nurturing a new society together” aimed at 2030. Under the long-term vision, through not only utilizing the Company’s own strength, but also combining with the strengths of diverse partners not constrained by industry, we will jointly develop a new growth story enabling the creation of value linked to the future and the resolution of social issues.

Financial information

We are building a logistics network capable of meeting a variety of needs by conducting business specializing in FromB. We will introduce the characteristics and results of each business segment.