Environmental management

Policies, Systems and Initiatives

Policies, systems and initiatives related to the environment

State of acquisition of environmental management systems

State of acquisition of ISO14001 certification
Sagawa Express (Certificated year:2001)

*As of March 2020, the percentage of consolidated organizations with certification was 87% (on a net sales basis).

Status of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

Sagawa Express is engaged in the reduction of emissions from its consigned transportation that accounts for a large portion of Scope 3 CO2 emissions by utilizing LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) analysis for the express package delivery business. By proceeding with the development of large-scale distribution centers such as X FRONTIER, which goes into full operation in 2021, the number of trucks used in consigned transportation will be reduced, thereby decreasing CO2 emissions.

Status of Fines and Penalties Related to the Environment

Boundary Unit FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Fines and penalties related to the environment Japan Yen 0 0 0

*Fines and penalties related to the environment refers to violations of laws and regulations related to the environment such as water intake, waste water, air and waste.