Delivery Business

The Delivery Business is led by Sagawa Express's Hikyaku Express. Our wide range of services include the assembly and installation of large-sized furniture, home appliances and other goods, along with shipment of large-sized specialty items. Our nationwide network in Japan, backed by logistics centers and our shipping system, and our more than 20,000 Sales Drivers ensure that we can meet every logistics need with optimized solutions.

Features of the Delivery Business

Nationwide Network for Express Package Delivery

We have developed a network of sales offices and transfer centers throughout Japan to provide a full range of goods transport services, primarily to corporate clients. Besides our core express package delivery, we provide cold and frozen transport, mail delivery, and international transport and delivery services. 365 days a year, we deliver packages for our clients with "Speed, Certainty, and Care."

Transport Management System (TMS): Value-added Transport Services

TMS is our system for providing optimized logistics services to our corporate clients. We leverage the comprehensive strengths of the SG Group and external partners to enhance our chartered and direct transport services. TMS is responsive to the many needs of our clients, providing large-sized and specialty goods transport, milk runs, fixed-route delivery, and small-lot charters.

For Every Moving Need, from Transport to Installation

We go the extra mile to support office relocations, primarily for corporate, research and educational clients moving their places of business. These services feature furniture assembly, installation, and interior finishing, along with moving services for such special items as artwork and precision machinery.

Combined Services for Large Facilities Package Logistics, Cleaning, Security

We provide all-in-one combined services for large-scale commercial facilities, office buildings, and building complexes. These services include delivery vehicle management, loading and unloading area management, and internal facility logistics. We respond to all the needs of our clients by combining logistics with facility cleaning, security and other services.

Message Delivery Services for Special Occasions

For weddings, funerals, personnel appointments and other occasions, we help people share their thoughts and feelings through a message delivery service leveraging our nationwide network in Japan. We offer a broad variety of message designs to meet the needs of any occasion. The services also allow all customers to specify the style, time, and other delivery details.

Main Companies

Sagawa Express

Sagawa Express is the core Group company, supported by more than 20,000 Sales Drivers working across Japan. The company provides total logistics solutions, led by Hikyaku Express.

SG Moving

SG Moving provides moving, furniture installation, and specialty transport services. The company also offers a range of architectural services for offices and other facilities, from interior design to sub-contracting and construction.

Sagawa Humony

Sagawa Humony operates the message delivery service VERY CARD (

World Supply

World Supply offers a wide range of solutions for department stores and other large-scale retailers, from product delivery and internal logistics to comprehensive facility management services.

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