Labor Health and Safety


The SG Holdings Group has established common "Health and Safety Regulations" for the Group in an effort to improve health and safety activities, prevent workplace accidents, ensure the safety and health of employees, and form and promote comfortable working environments.

Furthermore, the Group implements training on the Group's policy on reducing the risk of workplace accidents for employees and temporary employees, and promotes the creation of workplaces ensuring safety and health.

The areas where these initiatives are conducted are as follows.

  • Health management of employees
  • Ensuring labor safety in the workplace
  • Health and safety education
  • Stress management of employees
  • Long working hours


Management of Health, Stress, etc. of Employees

The Group works with the SG Holdings Group Health Insurance Society to hold meetings of the Health Management Project Promotion Committee twice per year to promote the health of employees and prevent diseases.

Ensuring Labor Safety in the Workplace, Long Working Hours, etc.

Systems for health and safety in the workplace are established according to the size of each business site. For example, Health and Safety Committees are set up in business sites that constantly have 50 or more employees, and the safety and working hours of employees are discussed in committee meetings that are held monthly to consider and implement specific measures in each business site.

Health and Safety Committee
Health and Safety Committee (e.g. Sagawa Express)

Goals and Results

Boundary Medium- to Long-term Goal Fiscal 2020 Goals Fiscal 2019 Results
SG Holdings Group
Make the percentage of the insured employees with a BMI of 25 or higher 23.0% or lower by the end of FY2023 Make the percentage of the insured employees with a BMI of 25 or higher 24.5% or lower by the end of FY2020 26.4%

The SG Holdings Group is putting particular effort into initiatives aimed at preserving the health of each and every employee. In terms of the medium- to long-term target for obesity prevention measures, we have set a goal of reducing the proportion of insurance policyholders with a BMI of 25 or higher to 23% or lower by the end of FY2023. In FY2019 the Group conducted educational activities using posters, newsletters, and seminars within the company. In addition, we actively approached employees at risk of metabolic syndrome (defined by the government as those aged 40 and over), and expanded the use of specific health guidance in the form of the SG Smart Program. Going forward we will enhance initiatives such as these, and continue to work on obesity prevention countermeasures.


Initiative to Address Workplace Accidents

The SG Holdings Group believes that accurately ascertaining the actual state of workplace accidents is the most important means of improving labor health and safety. For this reason, we do not set such absolute number targets as could provide motivation for cover-ups.

Instead, the departments responsible for safety in each Group company play a central role in steps to address workplace accidents with the aim of "eliminating fatal and serious accidents."

Number of Workplace Accidents (Domestic Group Total)

There were 1,166 workplace accidents in fiscal 2019.

Fiscal 2016 Fiscal 2017 Fiscal 2018 Fiscal 2019
Not resulting in absence 497 571 468 599
Resulting in absence 380 380 397 567
Total 877 951 865 1,166

Note:Statistics encompass employees and temporary employees of domestic Group companies.

Please see the linked ESG Data Book for the following information.

  • Frequency rate P12
  • Status of acquisition of labor health and safety certification P12

Yearly Data

Occurrence of Workplace Accidents in Offices in Japan
Occurrence of Workplace Accidents in Offices in Japan
Number of Employees in Japan
Number of Employees in Japan

Response to the World's Three Major Infectious Diseases (HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria)

The SG Holdings Group recognizes that addressing HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, which are referred to as the world's three major infectious diseases, is an important issue.

Employees in Japan undergo chest x-rays during regular health examinations conducted once every year in an effort to ensure the early detection and prevention of tuberculosis.

In overseas subsidiaries, health examinations are conducted annually for all employees in certain subsidiaries in locations such as Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Even in some subsidiaries that do not conduct regular health examinations, workshops are held to raise awareness of malaria and other infectious diseases among all employees in an effort to prevent them. Chest x-rays are performed on local employees in some subsidiaries for the early detection and prevention of tuberculosis and pneumonia.

Voluntary malaria vaccination is provided for personnel assigned overseas. If vaccination is required for traveling overseas, the regulatory requirements of the respective countries are followed.

Maintaining and Promoting the Health of Employees

The SG Holdings Group is working with the SG Holdings Group Health Insurance Society to conduct a variety of initiatives contributing to the promotion of health of the 68,700 people covered by insurance in Japan.

Data Health Plan

The Group and the Health Insurance Society are working together to perform comprehensive analysis of employee health checkup information and medical expense data, organizing it as a data health plan. In response to health issues in the Group identified through the plan, Group companies cooperate to implement and review health projects every year. As preventing illnesses from becoming severe has been a particular focus since fiscal 2017, the Group is paying attention to the health of people subject to health risks.

Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

The Group actively works with the Health Insurance Society to provide opportunities for the following checkups and examinations to employees, conduct initiatives related to the prevention of disease, and raise awareness.

Initiative Details Target Individuals Expense
Health Check* Health checkups conducted once per year All employees Free
Obesity prevention measures - Thorough implementation of specified health guidance (SG Smart Program)
- Campaign for the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases
All employees Free
Measures to prevent illnesses from becoming severe Health consultation and health guidance by telephone, provision of information on appropriate medical institutions, etc. conducted individually for people with poor control of blood sugar or blood pressure People flagged in health checkups Free
Various examinations - Bowel cancer tests by postal mail
- Helicobacter pylori tests by postal mail
Applicants Free
- Cervical cancer examinations   - Breast cancer examinations
- Bone density tests   - Prostate cancer PSA tests
- Influenza vaccinations
Partially subsidized
Promotion of non-smoking environments - Support for quitting smoking (measurement of lung age and consultation for quitting smoking) Applicants Free

*Health Check: an original medical examination combining the periodic medical examination conducted by the Company with the lifestyle-related diseases tests conducted by the Health Insurance Society.

SG Smart Program

The Group provides specified health guidance under the name of the "SG Smart Program" for employees aged 40 or older as specified by the national government. Employees at risk of metabolic syndrome are actively approached and recommended to utilize the program. The implementation rate was 32.5% in fiscal 2018 (up 10.5% year-on-year).

Non-smoking Activities

The Group has set up non-smoking promotion committees in each of its Group companies to provide information for promoting non-smoking and conduct lung age measurements and consultation for quitting smoking upon request. Every year since 2016, they have displayed non-smoking posters, distributed non-smoking videos, and handed out booklets conveying the harm caused by smoking in families with newborn babies.

Health Management for Women

The Group is also engaged in initiatives related to health management specific to women. For example, breast cancer examination buses are dispatched to approximately 89 business sites nationwide to provide an environment allowing female employees to have themselves examined during work hours for the early discovery of breast cancer. The Health Insurance Society also subsidizes the cost of other tests for cervical cancer and bone density.

Fiscal 2019
1,426 employees who underwent breast cancer examinations (of these, 1,118 received examinations within the company)

Employee Mental Health Care

Stress Checks

Even prior to December 2015 when stress checks became mandatory, the SG Holdings Group was implementing measures in mental health care for employees in Group companies throughout Japan. In terms of mental health management, everyone insured by the Health Insurance Society takes stress checks once a year and anyone who wishes to may consult with an industrial physician or other medical professional.

Health Dial 24

In order to support the mental health of employees and their families, the Group has established SG Holdings Group Health Dial 24 staffed by a professional organization in Japan, which provides free consultations on the telephone or online. Anyone who wishes to may also arrange a free consultation with a clinical psychologist at counseling rooms located throughout Japan.

A poster publicizing the Group Health Dial
A poster publicizing the Group Health Dial

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