Labor Health and Safety

Policy on Employee Health

We have established Groupwide Health and Safety Regulations in an effort to ensure the health of employees and to form and promote a comfortable workplace environment. Furthermore, we provide education on health and stress management for employees and temporary employees to maintain their good health.

Employee Health System

The Group works with the SG Holdings Group Health Insurance Society to hold meetings of the Health Management Project Promotion Committee twice per year to promote the health of employees and prevent diseases.

Employee Health Goals and Results

Medium- to Long-term Goal

Boundary Medium- to Long-term Goal
SG Holdings Group (Japan) Make the percentage of the insured employees with a BMI of 25 or higher 23.0% or lower by the end of FY2023

Fiscal Year Goals

Boundary FY 2021 FY 2010
Base Year Goal Deadline Base Year Goal Deadline Result
SG Holdings Group (Japan) FY 2010 24% March 31, 2022 FY 2019 Make the percentage of the insured employees with a BMI of 25 or higher 24.5% or lower by the end of FY2020 March 31, 2021 27.5%

Employee Health Initiatives

Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

The SG Holdings Group is engaged in the following initiatives with the Health Insurance Society for all insured employees in Japan.

Initiative Details Target Individuals Expense Remarks
Health Check An original medical examination combining the periodic medical examination conducted by the Company annually with the lifestyle-related diseases tests conducted by the Health Insurance Society. All employees Free
Obesity prevention measures -Thorough implementation of specified health guidance (SG Smart Program)
-Campaign for the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases
All employees Free Implementation Rate of SG Smart Program in 2019
Measures to prevent illnesses from becoming severe Health consultation and health guidance by telephone, provision of information on appropriate medical institutions, etc. conducted individually for people with poor control of blood sugar or blood pressure People flagged in health checkups Free
Various examinations -Bowel cancer tests by postal mail
-Helicobacter pylori tests by postal mail
Applicants Free
-Cervical cancer examinations
-Breast cancer examinations
-Bone density tests
-Prostate cancer PSA tests
-Influenza vaccinations
Partially subsidized
Promotion of non-smoking -Support for quitting smoking (measurement of lung age and consultation for quitting smoking) Applicants Free
Stress Checks -Implemented annually All employees Free
Health Dial 24 -Consultation service provided by a specialized external organization. Clinical psychologists provide counseling for those who wish to receive it All employees Free

Labor Safety Policy

We have established Groupwide "Health and Safety Regulations" to promote initiatives related to prevention of workplace accidents and ensuring safety. Furthermore, we provide education on ensuring labor safety in the workplace and on health and safety for employees and temporary employees.

Labor Safety Systems

Systems for health and safety in the workplace are established according to the size of each business site. For example, Health and Safety Committees are set up in business sites that constantly have 50 or more employees, and the safety and working hours of employees are discussed in committee meetings that are held monthly to consider and implement specific measures in each business site.

Health and Safety Committee

Labor Safety Initiatives

The SG Holdings Group believes that accurately ascertaining the actual state of workplace accidents is the most important means of improving labor health and safety. For this reason, we do not set such absolute number targets as could provide motivation for cover-ups.

Instead, the departments responsible for safety in each Group company play a central role in steps to address workplace accidents with the aim of "eliminating fatal and serious accidents."

Number of Workplace Accidents (Domestic Group Total)

FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020
Not resulting in absence 571 468 599 583
Resulting in absence 380 397 567 608
Total 951 865 1,166 1,191

Note:Statistics encompass employees and temporary employees of domestic Group companies.

Please see the linked ESG Book for the following information.

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