Other Businesses

The SG Group operates various support businesses which generate and provide added value to ensure we can deliver total logistics to our clients. These businesses offer ancillary support functions for logistics operations aimed at raising the quality of our proposals and services. Other functions are internal to the Group, aimed at raising operational efficiency. By combining these businesses with the Group's logistics, we generate new functions and develop new services to deliver a wide range of value to our clients.

Features of Other Businesses

IT Systems Leveraging Accumulated Logistics Business Know-how

We develop, operate, and maintain IT systems which include the backbone system for Sagawa Express and other core systems for the Group's logistics business. In recent years, logistics systems around the world have been digitalized using cutting-edge technologies. We leverage our accumulated know-how in this area to offer IT consulting and system development to clients outside the Group.

Temporary Staffing and Operations Subcontracting for Logistics Facilities

The Group has a permanent full-time staff of more than 20,000 employees. Our Other Businesses provide temporary staffing and referral services, as well as business operations outsourcing, mainly to the logistics sites to support the Group's core logistics operations. These personnel services are provided to both Group companies and external clients.

Casualty Insurance Agency for Transport Operations and Truck Fuel Sales

In our insurance agency business, we sell a wide variety of insurance products, ranging from products for collection and delivery vehicles to personal vehicles. We also procure truck fuel in bulk and resell the fuel. This Group-wide system ensures a stable and efficient logistics operations.

Main Companies

SG Motors

SG Motors conducts businesses such as vehicle maintenance, vehicle sales and vehicle body installation and repair.

SG Systems

The Company provides system solutions and financial services centered on logistics, and also provides shared services to the SG Holdings Group.

SG Fielder

SG Fielder provides temporary staffing, referral, and operational outsourcing services.

Sagawa Advance

Sagawa Advance sells insurance products and truck fuel, operates facilities, and plans and sells products, travel and event services.

Nouvelle Golf Club

The Nouvelle Golf Club in Kanayago, Chiba Prefecture welcomes golfers of all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Sagawa Forestry

Sagawa Forestry nurtures, conserves and manages seven separate forests (812.59ha) in Kochi and Tokushima Prefectures.

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