For Inquiries regarding The Company's Handling of Personal Information

  • Contact the Personal Information Office by postal mail. The Company will send you a copy of the pertinent documents.
  • The Company will charge a handling fee of ¥1,000, plus actual expenses such as postal fees (including general registered mail fee, certified mail fee and contents-certified mail fee) for notification/disclosure requests regarding purpose of use of personal information.
  • Other requests are available with the payment of actual expenses such as postal fees.
  • Only postal notes (postal money order, etc.) will be accepted for handling fee etc.
  • The Company requires a copy of identification (driver's license, etc.) to confirm the identity of the individual or representative making the request.
  • Please prepare all necessary documents and mail them to the address below.

Personal Information Office

Personal Information Office of SG Holdings Co., Ltd.
68 Kamitobatsunoda-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8104 Japan