Conclusion of Basic Agreement on Collaboration between Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. and Japan Post Co., Ltd.


 Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. and Japan Post Co., Ltd., (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Kazuhide Kinugawa) have concluded a basic agreement on collaboration for the purpose of growth of the businesses of the two companies aimed at co-creation of logistics services.

 The logistics industry is currently facing a variety of issues such as maintaining social infrastructure in the form of logistics, increasing customer satisfaction through the provision of high-quality services, work style reforms for employees and also the realization of a sustainable society.
 The decision to create a new collaborative framework was made based on the philosophy that it is necessary to take an approach transcending the boundaries of competition between companies to share the resources of the two companies in order to resolve such issues. The two companies will consider initiatives aimed at the growth of their businesses and also the development of the logistics industry through co-creation of logistics services.

Purpose of collaboration

 Provision of transportation services in Japan and overseas through the mutual utilization of management resources for the resolution of issues in the logistics industry and further enhancement of convenience for customers, and creation of an ongoing business model.
 (Areas of collaboration)
- Joint utilization of mutual logistics services, transportation and delivery networks, systems and expertise
- Creation of new value utilizing technology based on coordination of system infrastructure held by the two companies
- Promotion of innovation by the two companies and contribution to a healthy and sustainable carbon-free society through the above initiatives

Details of collaboration

①Transportation of small express delivery packages (from November 2021 once ready)
 Sagawa Express will handle services utilizing the Yu-Packet small express package delivery service to mailboxes handled by Japan Post. Packages received from customers by Sagawa Express will be passed on to Japan Post and delivered through Japan Post’s delivery network.

②Transportation of international packages (from October 2021 once ready)
 Sagawa Express will handle a service utilizing the EMS international mail service handled by Japan Post enabling delivery to over 120 countries and regions worldwide. Packages received from customers by Sagawa Express will be passed on to Japan Post and delivered through the EMS network.

③Refrigerated express package delivery services (from January 2022 once ready)
 Sagawa Express will handle part of the Yu-Pack refrigerated delivery services offered by Japan Post. Sagawa Express has been providing high-quality refrigerated and frozen transportation services since Hikyaku Cool Express was launched in 1999, and will provide the same quality of service to customers using Japan Post’s Yu-Pack.

Future initiatives

①Formation of a working team
 A working team will be formed to maximize the synergies between the two companies, and commence discussions aimed at the development of services and creation of infrastructure to enhance convenience for customers in ways other than those described above.

②Consideration of joint utilization of the two companies’ resources
 The two companies will consider efficient means of collaboration such as utilizing the resources of both companies for joint delivery in express package delivery services and joint operation of long-haul transportation loading packages from both companies in the same vehicles for transportation between business locations.

 Looking ahead, Japan Post and Sagawa Express will actively engage in the development of new solutions to address a variety of social issues with an eye to collaboration with a wide range of companies in an open environment with the aim of realizing a sustainable society.

Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.