Notice of Change of President and COO (Provisional)


SG Holdings Co., Ltd. hereby announces that the Board of Directors resolved at an extraordinary meeting held on May 20, 2020, to change the President and COO, and to provisionally appoint a new President.
This decision is expected to be formally approved by the 15th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, held on June 25, 2021, and by the Board of Directors meeting that follows the Shareholders Meeting.

Change of the President and COO (as of June 25, 2021)


New position

Current position

Eiichi Kuriwada

Chairperson, CEO and President

Chairperson and CEO

Hideo Araki

Honorary Advisor

President and COO

*Hideo Araki is scheduled to resign as President and COO on June 25, 2021

Election of a new President (on June 25, 2021)


New position

Current position

Hidekazu Matsumoto

Representative Director



Eiichi Kuriwada, Chairperson and CEO

Beginning with the spread of the novel coronavirus infectious diseas, we were thrust into an era in which unprecedented circumstances became the new normal. Going forward, the economic environment remains unclear, and past experience of success has become even less relevant than before. In order to enable further growth in such environment, the Group will respond to change by taking steps to reinforce the business and the strength of the organization.
The resignation of Hideo Araki, who has made such a significant contribution to the growth of the Group hitherto, reflects his own wishes. However, he is scheduled to continue to provide advice when necessary as an Honorary Advisor. In a society characterized by rapid changes in the environment, I expect Hidekazu Matsumoto, who is scheduled to be appointed to the new President, to provide strong leadership imbued with an awareness of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) issues. I will have his support in matters of general management. Under this new structure, we will utilize the management resources of the Group to the maximum, working to form a corporate group that is even more deeply trusted and needed by all our stakeholders including shareholders, customers, employees, local communities, and business partners.

President and COO: Hideo Araki

Having worked for six years as the President of Sagawa Express, and for a further two years as President and COO of SG Holdings, I have served on the front line of Group management for a total of eight years. With the cooperation of employees, I was successful in terms of growing the business in such areas as creating new revenue opportunities and improving management efficiency. As I feel that the goal of achieving the growth strategy I visualized is more or less in sight, I have decided to take a step back from the front line of management. I will continue to offer advice as necessary on the business of SG Holdings Group as an Honorary Advisor.

Director: Hidekazu Matsumoto

Leveraging more than 30 years serving in the Group, as well as my experience as a secondee to a government agency, I have promoted the stakeholder management advocated by SG Holdings in my role as Director in charge of Management and Control. Under this new structure, I will utilize the experience and know-how I have accumulated during my career to strengthen and stabilize the Group’s management foundation, and to open the way to further growth in the business.