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Other Business

Specializing in such business fundamentals as finance, IT, and human resource development, other companies play an active role in the SG Holdings Group.

- System Development
With skills developed through Group operations, this business aids customers with system creation and operation to realize their competitive strategies. We also offer a full range of IT solutions, including device installation, maintenance support and BPO (business process outsourcing).

- Finance
With the "e-Collect" COD service as our core payment business, we also offer a logistics payment business and a diverse range of financial services. Our aim is to become a comprehensive financial service firm, with multi-faceted payment businesses that accept all types of “money”, including for business-to-business transactions.

- Comprehensive Services
The insurance business, travel business, and product development business are our core operations. We contribute to society by developing services to meet a diverse range of customer needs.

- Shared Service
While undertaking general affairs, human resources, and accounting tasks, we propose sweeping revisions and reorganization plans for the business process to improve overall management function.

- Golf Course Operation
We run a golf course in Chiba Prefecture. It was designed to utilize the natural beauty of the Kazusa Hills, offering breathtaking landscapes and adding a strategic element to the game.

Main Companies

  • SG Systems (Japanese)
    The services we provide are of high-quality and remarkably fast, based on a variety of solution results, including call center systems, mobile communication systems, financial/accounting related systems, logistics/delivery systems, and ordering related systems.
  • Sagawa Financial (Japanese)
    With the "e-Collect" COD service as our core payment business, we also offer a "Payment Agency Business" for online mail order and business-to-business transactions, and a "Transfer Agency Business" as a more efficient way for customers to send money.
  • Sagawa Advance (Japanese)
    We provide comprehensive services for insurance agency business, travel business, and product development business.
  • SG Expert (Japanese)
    We combine management tasks such as general affairs, personnel, and accounting within the SG Holdings Group.
  • Nouvelle Golf Club (Japanese)
    Featuring an American-style green with “Pen A-1” grass for high green speed. The tournament-like feel of this course is quite enjoyable.

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