Jocelyn Sing

Japanese Studies
東日本国際支店 成田ロジスティクスセンター
Jocelyn Sing


Thanks to the one year exchange program in Japan that I have participated in, my admiration for Japan deepened and made me yearn to work there after graduation. I aimed to work in a global corporation because of my field and at the same time, improve my Japanese language proficiency. Coincidentally, just before graduating, I got to learn about SG Holding and SGH Global Japan through a program called Nikkei Asian Recruiting Forum wherein students from Asia can participate to be interviewed by Japanese companies in Japan. There were many global corporations that participated but SGH Global Japan was one of the few that fit my desired company. One reason is that it is an international forwarding company that interacts daily with customers all over the world which I find very interesting. Another reason is I was qualified for their language proficiency requirement for both English and Japanese. After getting hired, there were still a lot of worries and anxieties because this is my first job and I did not know what to do from left to right. Another reason is that I was working in a Japanese company. It was really difficult for me at first, difficult in a way that I am living in a foreign country and I have to adjust in a new environment plus, my family is far from me. I have to be strong and do everything on my own. After starting to work, I was very nervous but regardless of being a foreigner my seniors treated me normally and were always patient to explain the things I find difficult to understand. Step by step, I have learned the operations in airfreight and thanks to them, I already learned a lot in just a short period of time. The workplace is busy but the people here are very warm and I like it here. Even though I still have many things to learn, I am progressing steadily and hopefully in the future, I could be a great strength to the company.


I was assigned to work at Narita Logistics Center - Export Team of the company. Everyday, we assist export shipments from Japan to different parts of the world-Asia, America and Europe. We would assist shippers and arrange the cargo to arrive safely to its destination. Viewing it perceptively, we are like the pathway that connects Japan to the world. At first, I started by learning the basic flow of the work by assisting my seniors with the transactions. Every customer and every country has different transactions and specific order so one must be careful not to make a mistake. Aside from this, speed is essential in air freight so proficiency and concentration is very important. One little mistake might cause a great delay to the shipment which is not good since it would cause great inconvenience for both shipper and consignee. Step by step, I am studying different transactions and in the process, I am able to do more tasks. In order to visualize what I generally do at work, one simple flow of it is receiving a shipment order for export, to Sweden for example. After receiving the needed information and documents, we would arrange how the cargo would be transported to our storage and do the customs inspection. Along with this, we would book its flight and inform the contact person in Sweden that a shipment like this would come in a certain date. After processing the papers, we would inform that contact person and the shipper that it has been exported. In transactions like these, I learned how to interact with different people in order to have better communication and provide better. My daily goal is to learn new things and never commit the same mistake again as much as possible. This job for me is worth doing because when thinking deeply about my role, we answer to the needs and demands of the customer and help with the flow of goods around the world. At the end of the day, knowing that the transactions that I have handled have safely arrived at their destination is a great achievement for me. I aim to be like my seniors who are roundabout and can handle transactions smoothly. Air freight is a very busy industry and the competition is huge. I am still on the first half of the year of my employment but hopefully in the near future, I will be capable of ensuring new deals on my own and work with my seniors hand in hand.


Stepping into a global corporation might be scary and difficult but do not be afraid to pursue your goals. I chose this path because I wanted to see how far I can go with my own capabilities and achieve my dreams. I am still on my first year of employment and still struggling but in spite of that, every day is very fulfilling. As for now my goal is to be able to master the fundamental knowledge of the operations. Along with this, I also aim to reach business level on my Japanese proficiency because this is really important to communicate with Japanese customers and other company. Compared to my colleagues, my growth is slow because of the language barrier but thanks to my co-workers who are always there to support me, I have improved a lot in just a short period of time. One important point to also not forget is that you have your co-workers and seniors who are there to support and guide you. Being able to get this wonderful opportunity is really a dream come true. After all the hard work, I can proudly say that I am walking on the right path. To all prospective candidates who share the same dream like mine, I can only say do not be afraid to take that first step. It may not be a walk in the park and it might be full of uncertainties but surely, you will learn and grow a lot. The important thing is to love your work, have a good relation with your co-workers and always be positive to whatever comes your way.