SG Sagawa Vietnam Concluded Service Agreement with EC Website Company


SG Sagawa Vietnam (Head office; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, registered name: SG SAGAWA VIETNAM CO., LTD.), a Vietnam local subsidiary of SG Holdings Global Pte. Ltd., the overseas operation headquarters of the SG Holdings Group, concluded the service agreement with STARMARK HOLDINGS PTE. LTD. (Head office; Singapore, registered name: STARMARK HOLDINGS PTE. LTD.), which operates EC (e-commerce: electric commerce) website, and its subsidiary STARMARK VIETNAM, and started the delivery business services of local EC website "agata japan (", targeting Vietnam, as of November 4, 2015.

news20151104-1-1.jpg"agata japan"

In Vietnam, there are many companies participating in the EC businesses due to the improving stability of IT network connections and diffusion of smart phones. Accordingly some hundreds to thousands of companies are developing EC websites in the market. However, the sales results remaining in approx. 10% share of the total retail market of Vietnam since consumers are afraid that they cannot directly see and check the products in their hands and if they cannot have the parcel delivery well. Consequently, many of Vietnamese mainly purchase products at real offline retail shops for the present.

SG SAGAWA VIETNAM decided to start operation of "agata japan" in cooperation with STARMARK VIETNAM targeting the provision of highly-trustworthy services operated by the Japanese. It will deliver parcels of products that consumers purchased through the website "agata japan" safely and precisely to them by utilizing SG SAGAWA VIETNAM’s domestic delivery network in Vietnam with providing Cash on Delivery services, refrigerated delivery services, and specified day and time range deliveries to realize safe and certain delivery of products that consumers purchased through "agata japan" by offering safe and careful services as above just as the same as it offers to the consumers in Japan.

SG SAGAWA VIETNAM will continue to offer the variety of delivery services to the customers who intend to develop EC business and to purchase products through EC website in order to meet their needs.


  • Domestic home delivery in Vietnam (land/ air transportations)
  • Cash on delivery (COD) services
  • Delivery at the specified day/time range (same-day delivery services limited to some areas)
  • Refrigeration delivery service
    Available total size of length, width, and height: Up to 110cm; up to 20kg in weight)
    Refrigerated items at 2℃ ~ 10℃ / Frozen items at below -18℃
    * Please consult our service staffs in advance for details on our delivery area.
  • Large furniture and home electricity devices delivery and installation services
    * Please consult our service staffs in advance for details on our delivery area.

DETAILS on "agata"
agata means "prefecture" in an old Japanese reading. We SAGAWA present respective areas of Japan extending from the tradition to the current days to appeal them globally by expressing it in Roman alphabet. "agata japan" is the platform media to introduce Japanese culture and goods to the world.

Company Profile

Trade name SG SAGAWA VIETNAM CO., LTD. (Japanese official name: SG 佐川ベトナム)
Head office LOT 117, Linh Trung EPZ, Thu Duc Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Founding March 6, 2015
Shareholder SG HOLDINGS GLOBAL PTE. LTD. (100%)
Representative President Junji Shimasaki
Capital USD 5 million