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Travel Helpers support outings and trips

Although they are seldom recognized for their work, personnel who are licensed to undertake both nursing/caretaking and travel assistance responsibilities, and who are also certified as Travel Helpers (specialized dispatch support staff) under the corporate NPO Nippon Travelhelpers, currently number more than 700 throughout Japan. Sagawa Advance's nurse accompanied travel and outings support is a service fully tailored to the desires and individual needs of customers, in which custom plans are created and Travel Helpers accompany customers on outings and trips. Sagawa Advance is collaborating with Special Protection & Intelligence Co., Ltd. (SPI), a company who has previous experience in dispatch of Travel Helpers and planning and execution of nurse accompanied trips, in order to meet customer demand for high-quality personnel and high levels of service.
Because nurse-accompanied travel requires a more intricate level of planning than typical trips, Sagawa Advance meets with customers multiple times in advance to create travel plans, takes care to select the optimal Travel Helper, and actively encourages its own employees to study for licensing examinations.

Because Travel Helpers fully support excursions from the home for shopping, visits to hospitals/clinics and beauty salons, eating out, visiting family plots, wedding ceremonies, memorial services, class reunions and more, we can arrange for taxis and nursing-care vehicles as necessary.

Making nurse-accompanied travel more widely available throughout society

Since Sagawa Advance began offering nurse-accompanied travel services in October 2010, introduction of services to potential customers has been carried out through information displayed on the company website, visits to retirement homes, and similar methods. However, because awareness of nurse accompanied travel and Travel Helpers is low, we plan to expand to Web-based advertising and other such forms of marketing to let more people know about these services. Additionally, because expansion of the service area is so important, we plan to increase its range, which currently covers only Tokyo, to include Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka, and eventually extend this further to Sapporo, Sendai and Hiroshima as well.
Nurse-accompanied travel and outings support services are, without a doubt, going to be essential to society from here on out. Sagawa Advance is filled with confidence by the fact that the level of customer satisfaction with services thus far has exceeded expectations, and we plan to put even more effort into their expansion.

After collapsing from a stroke five years ago, my mother was moved from her home on Hachijojima Island to her current nursing home. It is a well-run facility, and she has no complaints about daily life, but occasionally she reminisces about her hometown and has to fight back tears. Just as I was thinking there had to be some way I could take her back to visit Hachijojima so I could see her smiling face again, I came across this nurse-accompanied travel service. It was first introduced to us by the nursing home facility, but when I learned that it was operated by a company in the same group as Sagawa Express - a delivery company we had grown accustomed to - I felt I could truly trust them. We made a request to them, and were able visit to my mother's hometown with her, my family, my older sister and her husband (in total a six-person group) for two nights and three days.

Everybody was overcome with tears when the sisters met

We visited my deceased father's grave, my mother was able to meet with my older sister, and we gathered together at my mother's old house with people we hadn't seen for a long time. It was the perfect gift for my mother. Most people probably don't know about this service, so I hope that Sagawa Advance can make nurse-accompanied travel more widely known throughout society.

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