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Responding to customer needs through in-depth service

The Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit Service Center is located in an office district of Tokyo's Chuo Ward. Opened in August 2010, this new Service Center is conveniently situated near Tokyo Station to facilitate environmentally friendly work commuting by its employees. We are continuing to develop more service locations in densely inhabited areas such as this to promote communication with customers. "Customers have told me that the new Service Center is incredibly convenient, because it can be used for urgent delivery services. Also, a number of people have said that they are thinking of giving Sagawa Express a try, since it's located so close by," explains sales driver and Seiichiro Masuda. "Because delivery destinations can be reached in just a few minutes, much more time is available for listening to customer requests, and there are increased opportunities to engage in communication. And because we don't use trucks, it's possible to carry out environmentally friendly deliveries."
At such customer service bases located only a short distance from their customers, we aim to increase customer satisfaction even further in the future.

On June 21 (Monday), 2010, Gion Sagawa Express (Gion Service Center) was opened. Kyoto is the city where Sagawa Express was founded, and Gion is the urban center where the best of Kyoto can be seen.
As a customer service base integrated with the local community, staff members here wear original uniforms that resemble those of traditional rickshaw drivers. The three-wheeled bicycles and carts they use are also designed to blend with the surrounding Gion cityscape. Staff members are educated on proper gestures and ways of speaking for a level of hospitality unique to Japan, and the Gion Service Center is increasingly being developed as a place to transmit information to those visiting Gion alongside its standard role as a Service Center.

The new Service Center was built nearby, on the other side of one of the backstreets passing by our company building. Since then, making delivery-related requests to Sagawa Express is more convenient than before, when collections and deliveries were carried out using trucks. We really notice the advantages of the new Service Center in situations when something needs to be sent urgently, and when we run into problems with delivery-related documentation.

Our connection with Sagawa Express started when we started working here: a representative comes to collect packages for delivery two times a day, just after noon and in the early evening. Now, when an urgent delivery needs to be made, someone can simply take the package to the Service Center rather than phoning for someone to come pick it up, and a delivery can be cancelled even after the package has been submitted by simply running to the Service Center with the receipt, where Sagawa Express employees respond to cancellation requests immediately.

Furthermore, we have to send large amounts of pamphlets out at once during certain times of the year, and sometimes we have to ask Sagawa Express to accept late delivery submissions because we can't stuff all the envelopes by hand in time to visit the Service Center during normal operating hours. On such occasions, even if we ask them to do us a favor and accept a late submission, they always accept without hesitation. The representatives at the Service Center are like neighborhood acquaintances to us, who we natural exchange greetings with when we pass by each other on the street during lunch break.

Founded in 1976, Nikko Travel has offices in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, with 85 employees among its collective group companies. A specialized international travel agency, they host unique overseas tours, and assist with individual trips from planning to sales and even dispatch of accompanying tour guides.
Nikko Travel's planning concept is "Not your typical package tours?provision of leisurely, fully satisfying tour planning for our customers." Destinations are mainly in Europe, include cruises and secluded destinations, and feature themes such as music and art for a wide range of travel experiences. Nikko Travel approaches travel from the viewpoint of the customer to create trips that are both relaxing and rich with experiences.

Nikko Travel Co., Ltd. Yaesu Dai Bldg. 2F 1-1-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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