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Service Centers that don't use trucks, integrated with local communities

In order to optimize business operations and improve service quality, human-powered vehicles such as carts and three-wheeled bicycles are being used by Service Centers for collection and delivery operations. The area served by each Service Center is within an approximate 400-meter radius of the center itself, and time is not spent by truck drivers searching for spaces to park, resulting in greatly reduce transportation times as well as more time to carefully respond to customers' each and every need, including questions and concerns they have. Because Service Centers are even closer to customers than before, they can provide collection, delivery and other services while meeting customer demands quickly as integrated parts of local communities.
Furthermore, because licenses are not required to operate bicycles, individuals without driver's licenses can be hired by Sagawa Express. As employment opportunities increases, we are gaining increasing attention as a workplace that creates opportunities for a wide range of people.

Environmentally friendly initiatives in response to challenges faced by society

Sagawa Express has established new standard for logistics service bases, taking into consideration environmental conservation initiatives such as reducing air pollution and exhaust emissions resulting from increased concentration of collection and delivery operations in certain regions, and making efforts to help reduce parking congestion in city centers. Each Service Centers established in a city center covers the amount of work normally performed by four or five trucks. Because delivery and collection methods used differ from conventional methods, use of trucks can be scaled back, reducing harmful emissions such as CO2 and NOx*1 and PM*2. Because human-powered vehicles are used for collection and delivery services, traffic congestion is prevented, and finding places to park trucks in areas with heavy traffic is unnecessary. Increasing development of these types of Service Centers will help ease traffic congestion and solve parking shortages, contributing to better urban environments.

  • *1 NOx = nitrogen oxide, a pollutant that causes such environmental problems as photochemical smog and acid rain.
  • *2 Particulate matter: assorted materials floating in the air in particles. Thought to cause asthma and bronchitis.
Service Center flow chart: achievement of delivery services that do not burden the environment

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