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What is "Service Center"?

To reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in the city and maximize transportation efficiency, Sagawa Express is continuing with development of Service Centers and other small-scale business locations. Service Centers are mostly located in city centers of large metropolitan regions, and instead of trucks, carts and three-wheeled bicycles are used. This is a new form of transport and delivery service intended for commercial, office, and other densely inhabited districts.

Development of small-scale business locations strengthens relationships with customers

In recent times within the courier service industry, mail-order sales have increased the number of home deliveries. Aside from their effects package delivery, these changes have increased demand for value-added services such as payment-on-delivery and specified-time delivery. As a result, there is a danger that the quality of shipping and services provided until now throughout the transport and delivery infrastructure may decline. Taking consideration of these changes throughout society, we are endeavoring to build a transport and delivery infrastructure that supports high-efficiency collection and delivery operations and is closely integrated within local communities. This is accomplished through steps such as increasing the number of customer service bases further (areas previously served by local sales offices will now be more thoroughly covered?for example, by services centers and other small-scale business locations serving only a select portions of each area), and providing a more expansive range of services. In FY 2009 there were 295 such small-scale business locations, in FY 2010 this was expanded to 467 locations, and we plan to increase this number further to 629 locations in FY 2011.


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