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Scheme to Enhanced Safety

The entire company is making efforts towards increasing driver skills and safety awareness through the establishment of a safety management system and driver contests, etc.

The 18th Sagawa Express National Driver Contest

The 18th Sagawa Express National Driver Contest was held in July 2010 at the Sagawa Express Training Center Vehicle Practice Area with the aim of prevent traffic accidents and improving driving manners. A group of 58 drivers from group companies obtained perfect 1,000 point scores for their the driving skills they had cultivated daily as well as their consideration for the environment, in the categories of "knowledge-based competition" (400 points), "driving competition" (400 points), and "inspection competition" (200 points). With the theme of this year's contests being promotion of kind and caring professional-level driving in consideration of the increasing number of elderly in Japanese society, improvement of driving manners was added as a new focus in addition to prevention of traffic accidents.
As a company that uses public roads for business purposes, it is our responsibility to place the highest priority on safety and environmental consideration. We are working hard to train expert drivers while raising safety and environmental awareness among our employees.

■Prize-winning individuals
  Name Branch
(Regional Office)
Light vehicle division Tomoko Kawamura Sendaiminami
2 ton division Minoru Tsumoto Tenri
4 ton division Yusuke Chiba Sendaiminami
11 ton division Koichi Osuga Shibuya
Rookie division Yosuke Shinohara Nagano
Special award Kana Ohya Toyokawa
Group champion Kansai Branch Office 942
  • The group champion is the group with the highest average score among its participating members
  • *...cIndividual overall victory (highest point total from light vehicle, 2 ton, 4 ton, and 11 ton divisions)
  • *...2 ton division
  • *...Light vehicle division
Scene from a competition
Kansai Branch Office, the group champion

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