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Scheme to Enhanced Safety

The entire company is making efforts towards increasing driver skills and safety awareness through the establishment of a safety management system and driver contests, etc.

Safety management system

Giving the top priority in its business management to assure safety in transportation, Sagawa Express has established a Safety Measures Committee. In October 2006, transport safety management rules were legislated by the Trucking Transport Business Law for the purpose of "improvement of the transport safety." The committee was set up for this purpose in 2003 prior to the legislation in 2006.
The director in charge serves as the chairman, while the director of the board, corporate officers, branch office presidents, CEO of the group company that performs actual transport works, and other executives serve as vice chairman and committee members constituting the committee. The committee holds a monthly safety conference, where the progress of safety activities are reported and various measures are discussed for assuring safety from the viewpoint of hardware as well as software. In addition, review meetings by the personnel in charge of safety promotion activities at regional offices and sales offices are regularly held to improve safety measures, reflecting mainly opinions from the frontline.
As part of the safe driving management system, we also assign dedicated safety promotion staff at every sales office. Those staff members work mainly on safety driving management in arranging a good working environment for drivers through smooth two-way communication.

Fully equipped training facilities

In order to develop excellent drivers, Sagawa Express has training facilities equipped with courses for driving practicing at four locations: Miyagi, Kanagawa, Aichi, and Kagawa. Utilizing courses that simulate residential districts including intersections with poor visibility, we conduct useful lessons for how to drive safely on public roads.

Training facilities nationwide
Location Training course Area Training vehicle
Miyagi Prefecture (Zao) 14,308.8m2 14
Kanagawa Prefecture (Ayase) 31,020m2 47
Aichi Prefecture (Toyohashi)) 25,132.8m2 15
Kagawa Prefecture (Setouchi) 2,098.8m2 6
  • * AT vehicles as well as light vehicles to be introduced for training vehicles

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