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Efforts on Safety by Vehicle Servicing and Safety Devices

In order to prevent traffic accidents, regular inspection of trucks, thorough vehicle maintenance, and teachings using safety devices are carried out.

Ensuring safety of core transportation

Concerning core transportation, Sagawa Express makes various efforts to raise the safety awareness of drivers, including those belonging to subcontracting companies.

Safety patrol for core transportation

Concerning core transportation, Sagawa Express makes various efforts to raise the safety awareness of drivers, including those belonging to subcontracting companies.
Through meetings with drivers, the "Sagawa Express Nationwide Safety Patrol for Core Transportation" helps refresh the bodies and minds of drivers and strengthen vehicle inspection activities in order to prevent traffic accidents and vehicle breakdowns. In both spring and fall every year since 1994, the status of vehicle maintenance and inspections is reviewed and safety is discussed with drivers on core transportation routes, mainly at major and minor service areas along major expressways in April and September 2010. As part of our gratitude and environmental protection measures, we also initiate clean-up activities at venues.

Executive director and safety supervisor Kenji Hisamori gives encouragement to a core route driver
Staff directing a vehicle during a safety check
Date 31st: April 8 (Thu.) - 9 (Fri.), 2010
32nd: September 9 (Thu.) - 10 (Fri.), 2010
Results 31st: Total number of inspected vehicles: 3,270
Number of participating inspection staff: 843
Number of defects found: 20
32nd: Total number of inspected vehicles: 2,773
Number of participating inspection staff: 777
Number of defects found: 9
Patrol Content 1 Core transportation drivers were called on for safe operation and to carry out midway-point vehicle inspection based on regular inspection standard
2 Sticker verification for the conforming vehicle emblem for operation vehicles that conform to the regulations for vehicles entering Osaka Prefecture
3 Cleaning activities at each location before patrol commencement

Terminal inspection for core transportation

For the purpose of maintenance and enhancement of the transport quality by preventing traffic accidents and vehicle troubles during core transportation, we conduct "Sagawa Express Nationwide Simultaneous Terminal Inspection for Core Transportation" twice a year. At all bases of Sagawa Express, the branch managers and administrators, including those from subcontracting companies, utilize a custom check sheet and conduct vehicle checks for daily inspection before departure.

Date 17th June 28 (Mon.), 2010
18th December 6 (Mon.), 2010
Results 17th Total number of inspected vehicles: 5,296
Number of defects found: 33
18th Total number of inspected vehicles: 5,385
Number of defects found: 14
Patrol Content 1 Vehicle inspection carried out using dedicated check sheets based on regular inspection standards
2 Strict check to make sure no alcohol is brought into the driver's seat

Safety seminar for the core transportation subcontracting companies

Safety driving seminars were held featuring the invitation of outside lecturers from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and other organizations. These were organized for other core transport partners about subjects on the responsibility of management including examples of achievements in measures for the safety of truck operators and safety management. A total of 296 management staff participated at seven venues around the country.

■Safety seminar
Area Date Number of participants
Kyushu July 9 39
Chugoku/Shikoku July 7 41
Kansai July 5 68
Chubu July 21 33
Kanto July 12 81
Tohoku July 14 18
Hokkaido July 13 16
Total - 296
  • Seminar content: Transportation bureau representatives lectured on the two topics of "explanation of guideline revision procedures for advancement of safety management" and "progress in subjects with the purpose of meeting targets to reduce traffic accidents." Participants viewed a DVD showing examples of "Hiyari-Hatto" (being frightened/surprised by an incident), and listened to an explanation of "proactive safety measures" by a partner company's representative.

"Beloved vehicle day" efforts

The trucks operated by Sagawa Express drivers are entitled with "protecting safety in regional communities, transporting customers' precious packages while keeping the drivers themselves safe" and are valued partners that spend more time with us than even loved family members. We started "Beloved vehicle day" to enhance a beloved vehicle spirit since fiscal 2009.

A scene from "Beloved vehicle day"

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