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Efforts on Eco Safety Drive

We believe that safe driving also has strong effects on the environment. Therefore, we are promoting "Eco Safety Drive", which combines safety and ecology.

Promotion on Eco Safety Drive

In order to assure safety and eco-friendly driving among all our drivers, throughout the entire company Sagawa Express promotes "Eco Safety Drive", driving without making any jackrabbit starts or crash stops. The principle of "Eco Safety Drive" is observation of an upper limit in the engine evolution speed for startup and during driving, as well as enhancement of the driving techniques related to the timing of the gear change. These efforts will lead to a reduction in fuel consumption in addition to safety and environmental merits, bringing us a significant cost saving. In order to implement "Eco Safety Drive," administrators and instructors were solicited to take part in special training.
In FY 2010, three "Eco Safety Drive" training courses were organized in which 93 employees participated.

"Eco Safety Drive" training courses

Seven Points for Eco Safety Drive

We have set up "Seven Points for Eco Safety Drive," a list of the seven most important items in Eco Safety Drive. These are included in the employee's handbook. We also utilize an educational video, a Practicing Manual of Seven Points for Eco Safety Drive, for training, as an attempt to spread the idea to all employees.

  1. Practice of softer acceleration, "e-startup"
  2. Shift-up operation well in advance
  3. Driving at a constant speed in accordance with traffic conditions
  4. Keeping a safe inter-vehicle distance
  5. Utilization of the engine brake by releasing the gas pedal in good time
  6. Strict enforcement of key pulling out (to stop the engine) when parking
  7. Daily inspection/servicing and tire air pressure control

Operation Eco Safety Drive

Operation Eco Safety Drive has been implemented since fiscal 2009 with a competition for fuel cost economizing between individual branches as well as efforts for further Eco Safety Drive promotion. In order to ensure equality in the public view, branches are divided into groups A-D based on scale, and the top ranking branches based on 1. Fuel cost economizing rate and 2. Low fuel consumption is announced quarterly.

Operation Eco Safety Drive poster

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