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Looking to a Safer Society

As we use trucks daily, it is our important mission to help make safe traffic society a reality. By communicating with local communities, we teach the importance of traffic rule observation.

Offices' efforts on safety

As an achievement award regarding safety, Sagawa Express set up the Continuous Accident Free Award scheme for our offices. "Continuous accident free" is calculated by the number of vehicles that belong to the office multiplied by the continuous days without accidents; that means, the results of the concerted efforts of all the office employees on safe driving are evaluated.

Pointing out weak points and raising awareness

The Assessment Audit for Transport Safety Management by the MLIT

Due to the high ratings our safety initiatives received during the FY 2009 Assessment Audit, the evaluation policy was changed, lengthening intervals between evaluations of transport safety management. Based on this new policy, there was no such evaluation in FY 2010, and the next evaluation is scheduled for FY 2011. We will continue to work on the improvement of safety awareness throughout the entire company and further promote our efforts.

Scene from the FY 2009 evaluation by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Certified as a Business Institution of Excellence in Safety

Sagawa Express, Sagawa Moving Center, and World Supply were certified as Business Institutions of Excellence in Safety for their 355 branches (as of March 20, 2011). This certification by a National Trucking Rectification Operation can be achieved by businesses that have been properly evaluated for efforts towards traffic safety, etc. We will continue to make efforts so that we will also receive high evaluation in the future.

Certification logo mark of a Business Institution of Excellence in Safety

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