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Looking to a Safer Society

As we use trucks daily, it is our important mission to help make safe traffic society a reality. By communicating with local communities, we teach the importance of traffic rule observation.

Sagawa Express Traffic Safety School preserves the smiles of children

Sagawa Express Traffic Safety Schools were born from a desire to protect children from tragic accidents. These traffic safety classes are taught to kindergarten to lower elementary school year age children. In addition to teaching the basics of traffic rules such as crosswalk crossing and the meaning of traffic lights/signs/symbols, demonstrations of blind spots using an actual truck are included in lessons. 954 classes were taught in Japan in fiscal 2010 with 122,377 children participating. We have received many messages from children, which bring us joy and help us to feel a great responsibility regarding safety. We will continue to raise traffic safety awareness among all employees and be thorough in overall day to day safety in order to prevent accidents.

Sagawa Express Traffic Safety School
Present from children


Impressions of Traffic Safety School

Traffic Safety School sessions are held numerous times every year, but with each new session I get nervous about whether or not the children will remember proper traffic safety rules. When class is over, I am always happy to see the little kids smiling and telling Hakobu-kun (our character mascot) they will keep their promises regarding traffic safety, while some ask follow-up questions. The experience reminds us all that safety has to be top priority, and that we are called upon to ensure with complete confidence that nothing bad will happen to the children. As we continue the Traffic Safety School program, we will make sincere efforts to fulfill our duties by trying to increase children's interest in traffic safety even by a little, and remind the drivers of a time when they were more impressionable and open to new ideas.

Kaori Togashi
Safety Promotion Section
Hokkaido Branch Office
Sagawa Express

Traffic Safety School for Senior Citizen

According to a report by the National Police Agency, nearly half (50.4%) of 4,863 people killed in traffic accidents in 2010 were senior citizens aged 65 years and above. In addition to the Traffic Safety School for young children, Sagawa Express also hosts the same kind of school tailored to senior citizens in various regions in order to prevent accidents among senior citizens.

Traffic Safety School

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