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Message from the President

The core business of the SG Holdings Group is logistics, a key infrastructural component in production and lifestyle.
After the Great East Japan Earthquake struck on March 11, 2011, we were reminded anew of the everyday role our logistics services play, and of the importance of the social responsibility that provides the foundation for this role. The social responsibility that we are called upon as a Group to meet can be seen in our sincere efforts to maintain a smooth, efficient logistics network each and every day.
We are also aware of the important role we have in contributing to the advancement and development of society, and incorporate this into our corporate activities through stakeholder-oriented management with the purpose of bringing people, society, and the future together.

Eiichi Kuriwada
Chairman and President
SG Holdings Co., Ltd.

The difficulty of shouldering responsibility for logistics, a key infrastructural component for society, is a reminder of the importance of continuing our business long-term

To begin with, I want to express my deepest condolences to the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. I pray for happiness in the afterlife for those who have passed away, and I also hope from the bottom of my heart that survivors in areas struck by the disaster will be able to regain stable, peaceful lives as soon as possible through reconstruction efforts.
In order to fulfill its responsibility of providing logistics services, an important component of social infrastructure, the SG Holdings Group quickly established a Disaster Response Headquarters following the disaster, confirmed the safety of all Group members and gathered information on the status of damage sustained by Group companies. At the same time, we took emergency measures such as cooperating with other organizations in sending of relief goods and securing lifelines in affected zones, and on March 17 we were able to restart limited delivery service at most the sales offices in the region, establishing service office where goods could be picked up by customers.
I personally visited Miyagi Prefecture and confirmed the status of Group company bases of operation in Sendai, Kesennuma, Onagawa and Ishinomaki. Although my experiences from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995 left searing memories in my mind, this time there were enormous tsunamis on top of massive earthquakes, resulting in even greater damage and loss. It made me realize the importance of our long-term support for recovery efforts.
At a time of such great disaster, I was reminded that logistics services are truly a vital part of society.

Meeting the needs of customers and society through corporate activities raises the value of a company

On the other hand, for a logistics company to truly fulfill its corporate social responsibility, I think the most important thing is to operate as a seamless and unnoticed entity during peaceful times, and to maintain a smooth and efficient logistics network. Then, in order to gain the continuing trust of society for the future, we must closely examine the effects company operations have on society from an objective standpoint, listen with respect to the opinions of stakeholders, and swiftly grasp the changes of the times as they occur in order to respond accordingly. Corporate social responsibility, also known as CSR, can only be met by wholeheartedly applying these principles every day. I believe that the significance of a corporation's existence can only be increased when its own activities are of value to customers and the local community.
In March 2007, despite the dizzying pace of change in the business climate, and in order to meet the needs of customers and respond flexibly to societal changes, the SG Holdings Group established a management plan that encapsulates our vision of the company ten years in the future with the goals of ensuring growth of the group and fulfilling our social responsibilities. We then established our management vision, "Each group company constructs its business platform and creates new value," with the aim of creating new value together with our stakeholders.
In the "First Stage Plan" encompassing the first three years of the management plan, we aimed to deepen understanding of the plan's direction and build shared awareness throughout the group, taking "establishment of an operating base that will support sustainable growth" as a theme for self-reform. We are now able to see the results for this first phase of the management plan.

Fulfilling social responsibility and creating new value through the "Second Stage Plan" rooted in stakeholder-oriented management

Continuing with efforts made during the "First Stage Plan," in March 2010 we began the next phase, known as the "Second Stage Plan." Under the themes of expanding the group's domain of operations and strengthening its earnings base, we made concerted efforts to fortify the earnings base of delivery operations, and concentrated management resources to bolster needed areas of logistics operations and others, while working to kick off second-, third- and fourth-pillar business operations.
We worked to hammer out the details of our stakeholder-oriented management policy, which is the foundation for reaching the aforementioned targets. It is essential for us to grasp and meet customer needs as quickly as possible in order to protect employees' jobs and ensure sustainable company growth. In addition, it is vital for the continuity of a corporation to meet needs related to society's expectations, in terms of responsibility related to the environment, safety, and contributions to local communities. Among customers, employees, local community, shareholders, and business partners, the relationship with even a single party must not be neglected as we strive to maintain business operations that meet the demands of every stakeholder.
During the first year of the "Second Stage Plan," we worked hard to make up for areas we fell short in during the "First Stage Plan" phase. Group companies have gotten the feel of striving to meet targets of their own accord, and even more substantial results are expected as we move forward.
The SG Holdings Group does more than merely transport items - we are a service business. We greatly value our customers and listen carefully to what they tell us, and we believe more than ever that increased attention to our stakeholders is firmly tied to their confidence in us as a group. Moving forward, we will expend the utmost effort to become the corporate group that society needs us to be.

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