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Environmental Measures for Transportation Optimization

With the goal of "transportation with a low environmental burden," we are promoting efforts to optimize transportation such as reducing the number of trips and utilizing transportation means other than trucks.

Sagawa Ryutsu Center (SRC) operations/management

In general, distribution of commercial goods consists of many different processes from manufacturing in the factory to shipment, and cases where transportation occurs between every working process can be seen. At Sagawa Ryutsu Center (SRC) organized by Sagawa Global Logistics, through in-house uniform management of products, transportation does not occur during the working processes from receiving to shipment. This reduces both customer distribution operation labor and costs, and further contributes to energy reductions. As of March 2011, Sagawa Global Logistics makes full use of 24 SRCs and 28 business offices to contribute to streamlining of our customers logistic operation and the reduction of CO2, NOx, and PM air pollutant emissions.

At the SRC, they are actively working on environmental conservation, hand in hand with customers, through strict separate collection of waste generated from business operations, promotion of recycling which is obvious, and offering the packaging materials made from eco-material.
SRC exterior
Commodity management
Inventory management

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