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Effective Utilization of Resources

We are making efforts to decrease our environmental burden by effectively utilizing resources in our businesses. This includes manufacturing products that use scrap material and the use of solar power.

Introduction of Solar Power Generation Systems

Solar power generation, which is expected to come into wide use all over the world, is a very environment-friendly electric power generation system and emits no CO2 or other hazardous substances at all in the generation process. Sagawa Express has been introducing such solar power system since 2003 and, at the moment, such systems are in operation at 23 sites across the country. The cumulative power output of these power generation systems reaches 500kW. This capacity equals the annual energy production of approx. 500,000kWh which is the equivalent to the daily energy consumption of approximately 51,000 households in Japan.
We will continue to promote utilization of natural and recyclable energy through further introduction of solar power generation systems.

Solar power output display panel
Solar power generation system

Environmentally friendly maintenance shop

SG Motors is proceeding with the repair of vehicle maintenance shops and introduction of the latest equipment under the concepts of "safety", "the environment", and "efficiency".

Sapporo Office (site area: 42,211.00 m2, floor space: 1,636.47 m2)

As a facility development with consideration for the environment, the windows are designed to be large so that natural light can enter, allowing for the reduction of electric light usage time and air conditioning operation time. In addition, waste oil is used as fuel for interior floor heating in the shop and road heating on the premises as a measure against fallen snow, providing additional usage for resources.

Sapporo Office exterior

Takamatsu Office (site area: 5,071.73 m2, floor space: 2,185.32 m2)

Through the use of a waste processing system (utilizing coagulation-sedimentation and microbes for drain water from the shop), river pollution is prevented. In consideration for this region with little precipitation, rainwater is purified/processed and saved for vehicle cleaning and toilet water in the shop.

Water purification processing unit in Takamatsu Office

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