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Concept of Environmental Activities/Efforts against Global Warming

As we aim for harmony between society and nature, the SG Holdings Group is introducing new technology and combining the efforts of each individual employee towards the prevention of global warming.

Environment-friendly natural gas fueled trucks

Natural gas fueled trucks use natural gas (utility gas) as fuel and emit less CO2 and NOx compared to conventional diesel engine vehicles and no PM at all. Therefore, they have gained attention in trucking fields as the cleanest vehicles for cargo.

Natural gas fueled trucks

Continued introduction of low-emission vehicles

Sagawa Express had introduced 4,349 natural gas fueled trucks in total at the time of March 2011. This figure equals 25% of the total number of operating natural gas fueled trucks in Japan and we are the largest private user in the country. In addition, we are actively continuing to implement low-emission vehicles such as hybrid trucks.

"Other vehicles" refers to the total number of vehicles among the diesel vehicles held by Sagawa Express that meet the 2015 fuel economy standards and the 2005 gas emission regulations.

Reduction of environmental load by utilizing Service Centers

Sagawa Express has established Service Centers which use human-powered vehicles such as carts and three-wheeled bicycles instead of trucks.
Through the reduction in delivery vehicle use made possible by these Service Centers, harmful emissions such as CO2, NOx/PM, etc. are reduced. In addition, secondary effects from devising community-based services include improved service quality for customers, reduced parking expenses in traffic-heavy urban areas, and the relieving of traffic congestion.
As Service Centers are also located in easy access, office-heavy areas, many female employees without driver's licenses can commute and work effectively.
As of March 2011, we have 357 of these Service Centers, mainly located in cities across Japan, and they have allowed a reduction of 1,560 in new vehicle procurements. We will continue to establish new Service Centers to provide delivery bases that are friendly to people, the Earth, and society.

Service Center and delivery scene
Delivery using the three-wheeled cycles

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