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Concept of Environmental Activities/Efforts against Global Warming

As we aim for harmony between society and nature, the SG Holdings Group is introducing new technology and combining the efforts of each individual employee towards the prevention of global warming.

Transparency in shipping CO2 emissions earns Sagawa Express the 11th Grand Environmental Logistics Award and 7th Eco-Products Awards Steering Committee Chairperson's Award

Sagawa Express offers a service in which they calculate the amount of CO2 emissions resulting from transport of items received by customers, and then report those figures to customers. This initiative has received high praise, and in recognition of its merits as an excellent environmental measure in the logistics industry, the company was awarded the Grand Environmental Logistics Award at the 11th Grand Environmental Logistics Awards ceremony (hosted by the Japan Federation of Freight Industries).
In addition, at the 7th Eco-Products Awards (hosted by the Eco-Products Awards Steering Committee), in recognition of high-quality products and services that reduce burden on the environment, Sagawa Express received the highest award in the "Eco-Services" category, the Eco-Products Awards Steering Committee Chairperson's Award.
In accordance with the revised Law Regarding the Rationalization of Energy Use (in relation to transport procedures), which came into effect in 2006, the obligation to reduce energy expended during transport was extended to subcontracted shippers. Through calculation of amount of cargo shipped and energy expended per delivery customer, Sagawa Express was able to provide information that acted as a standard of measure for CO2 emissions, contributing to transparency of information on CO2 emissions produced by shipping companies during transport of products.

Presenting of the 11th Grand Environmental Logistics Award
Presenting the 7th Eco-Products Awards grand prize
11th Grand Environmental Logistics Award
7th Eco-Products Awards grand prize


Working together with customers to protect the environment

We started our new service following revision of the law in 2006, when we received numerous inquiries from customers about energy use and CO2 emissions during transport. We were surprised at the level of customer interest in environmental issues, and we will work to improve the precision of information we provide further while making every effort to meet customer needs.

Haruko Nagata
Environmental Preservation Promotion Section
Head Office General Affairs Department

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