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Overseas Operating Bases of SG Holdings Group

In order to further develop distribution in the Asia region, we at the SG Holdings Group are making efforts with our know-how cultivated in Japan to manage distribution infrastructures and expand networks.

Overseas subsidiaries

  Company name Primary business activities
1 Tianjin Poly-Sagawa International Trading Co., Ltd. Forwarding*1,trading, customs storage
2 Sagawa Silox Qingdao Co., Ltd. Inspection, verification, distribution processing
3 Sagawa Silox Shanghai Co., Ltd. Inspection, verification, distribution processing
4 Shanghai Dazhong Sagawa Logistics Co., Ltd. Courier service
5 Shanghai Poly-Sagawa Logistics Co., Ltd. Forwarding, courier*2,3PL*3
6 Poly-Sagawa Logistics Co., Ltd. Forwarding, courier, 3PL, warehousing/storage, transportation, moving
A.Beijing Branch
B.Dalian Branch
C.Tianjin Branch
D.Qingdao Branch
E.Guangzhou Branch
7 Sagawa Logistics Korea Co., Ltd. Forwarding, courier, electronic commerce cargo handling
8 Sagawa Express International Taiwan Corp. Forwarding, courier, small-lot collection (Taipei area)
9 Sagawa Express (H.K.) Co., Ltd. Forwarding, courier, warehousing/storage, transportation, moving
10 Sagawa Express Philippines, Inc. Forwarding, courier, warehousing/storage, transportation, moving
11 Sagawa Global Logistics (Philippines) Inc. Warehousing/storage
12 Sagawa Express Thai Container Distribution Service Co., Ltd. Forwarding, courier, warehousing/storage
13 Sagawa Express Vietnam Forwarding, warehousing/storage, transportation, moving, distribution processing
14 Sagawa Global Logistics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Forwarding
15 Sagawa Express Singapore, Pte., Ltd. Forwarding, courier
16 P.T. Sagawa Express Indonesia Forwarding, courier, warehousing
17 Sagawa Express Hawaii, Inc. Transportation operations
18 Wuxi FeiSu Logistics Information Technology Co., Ltd Development and sales of logistics systems
  • *1 Forwarding......Agency operations of transport and customs clearance on the import and export relating to international businesses.
  • *2 Courier (International courier)......Swift pick up and delivery service mainly for documents or small parcels using air freight.
  • *3 3PL......An outsourcing service to undertake all physical distribution functions of the customer company.

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