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Business Structure and Domestic Business Summaries of SG Holdings Group

Business Structure and Domestic Business Summaries of SG Holdings Group

Business Structure of SG Holdings Group

Business summaries of main domestic group companies

Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.

Sagawa Express, the core company of SG Holdings Group, is enhancing and expanding its delivery businesses with a focus on courier service business. Its handling volume of parcels per day is usually 4.5 million and carries parcels with its heart and soul. Sagawa Express provides total solutions for efficient physical distribution in liaison with other group companies.

Sagawa Moving Center Co., Ltd.

In addition to moving for individual customers, this moving service also provides for corporate relocation.
Installation/transport services for furniture and appliances include everything up to assembly and installation support. The route delivery business provides comprehensive coverage including transport, installation, and even disassembly of equipment, furniture and fixtures used at events, to fulfill the various needs of customers as much as possible.

World Supply Co., Ltd.

With a focus on delivery agent service for department stores, mass merchandiser, etc., this business provides 3PL service and food product cooperative delivery (Tsukiji Market). In addition, domestic/international logistics services for apparel, cosmetics, etc. from storage to shipping are provided in a center that has acquired the TAPA Class A international security certification.

Sagawa Global Logistics Co., Ltd.

Our many branches in Japan are linked with our overseas branches in locations such as China and Southeast Asia. We have constructed a scheme for consistent international transportation using various modes so that we can provide services such as 3PL operations and distribution processing with integrated information systems. Our highly customizable one-stop logistics services help reduce logistics costs and support customers' business needs.

Sagawa Logistics Partners Co., Ltd.

We offer total support for services from verification/inspection to storage/distribution processing operations in eight locations across Japan. By combining operations in order to maximize the processing ability of in-house sorters, multiple shipping for originators/destinations is possible under the same system. Proposals are available for low cost operation with shared operating bases.

Sagawa Advance Co., Ltd.

As our goal is to be a comprehensive service provider, we have main pillars of business in a variety of fields, including product development, travel business, insurance agencies, and facility administration. In the future, we have plans in particular to use the combined strength of the SG Holdings Group to focus on our mail order sales business. As implied by the word "Advance" (move forward or make progress) in our company name, we strive to continue meeting all of our customers' needs.

SG Motors Co., Ltd.

With 26 vehicle maintenance shops and 2 vehicle body fabrication shops across Japan, as well as associated maintenance shops throughout the country, SG Motors offers in-depth maintenance support. We also provide a wide range of general businesses and services for individual users such as new/used vehicle sales, and maintenance for specially equipped vehicles. We are also working on the development/widespread utilization of environmentally-friendly ECO vehicle bodies.

SG Systems Co., Ltd.

We provide systems and solutions such as information system consulting, construction, application, maintenance management, and BPO center management as an all in one company for information. Based on our slogan, "From IT ownership to utilization," we have begun making use of the technology and know-how cultivated through experience to provide cloud computing services and SaaS (software as a service) to logistics companies domestically and abroad.

Sagawa Financial Co., Ltd.

Sagawa Financial provides a variety of finance-related services. A strong feature of our steadily evolving main business, "e-collect", is the ability to make payments through credit card or debit card with its link to our information query service, "e-SAXIS". As a comprehensive distribution/finance company, we are improving service channel management and quality.

SG Realty Co., Ltd.

We carry out property management for the SG Holdings Group as a comprehensive realty corporation and effectively use our resources for new developments. We support the businesses of customers through a pillar of PM strategies with methods for renting/leasing to tenants, daily management, and repair planning optimization, a pillar of CRE strategies that aim for balance sheet realty market value improvement and business value improvement.

SG Expert Co., Ltd.

SG Expert was originally founded to consolidate general affairs, personnel, accounting and other operations for the SG Holdings Group in one location, providing more sophisticated management functions and increasing efficiency. We help to create an operating environment in which group companies can focus on core business areas (development of strategies and business planning), and also assist in raising the level of specialized knowledge among management to cultivate expert human resources as well as employees with high lateral mobility within the corporate group.

SG Fielder Co., Ltd.

Taking as its foundation the business know-how accumulated by Sagawa Advance through experience in Sagawa Express operations, SG Fielder provides human resource outsourcing services for distributors, manufacturers, and other customers who require warehouse-related business tasks and operations. Our enthusiastic on-site staff ("fielders") provide optimized services in a wide range of fields, as long-term partners trusted by society.

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