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Traffic Safety


The three following companies handle most of the transportation operations of the SG Holdings Group. To ensure traffic safety, they are all engaged in basic policies on transportation safety based on the Transport Safety Management System established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

  • Sagawa Express
  • SG Moving
  • World Supply

Basic Policy on Transportation Safety

  1. 1.Under the Corporate Philosophy of the SG Holdings Group, all employees will work as one to constantly improve transportation safety by putting human life first through close cooperation between Group companies based on the Charter of Corporate Conduct.
  2. 2.Management executives will lead efforts to ensure transportation safety within the company by having a deep understanding that ensuring transportation safety is the bedrock of management of the business. Furthermore, they will ensure that employees are aware of the highest importance of ensuring transportation safety.
  3. 3.We will steadily implement safety management and conduct operations with a top priority on safety.
  4. 4.When utilizing partner companies, we will not conduct any act that impedes the business operator's practice to ensure transportation safety. Furthermore, we will strive to cooperate with partner companies in the improvement of transportation safety.
  5. 5.We will publish information on transportation safety.


Each company in the Group is addressing problems related to safety including traffic accidents through means such as the establishment of individual safety committees based on the Transport Safety Management System specified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Sagawa Express also provides its training facilities and training systems to the two other companies to promote traffic safety throughout the entire Group.

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Company Name of Committee Person Responsible Frequency of Meetings
Sagawa Express Safety Meeting Director in Charge of Administration Once per month
SG Moving Labor Safety Meeting General Manager Once per month
World Supply Labor and Safety Promotion Meeting General Manager Once per month

Goals and Outcomes

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Company Medium- to Long-
term Goals
Fiscal 2018
Number of Reportable
Traffic Accidents
in Fiscal 2018
Number of Reportable
Traffic Accidents
in Fiscal 2017
Sagawa Express Reduce traffic accidents in the Company and the whole society Reduction of the number of reportable traffic accidents* (year-on-year comparison) 20 22
SG Moving 0 0
World Supply 0 0

*Number of traffic accidents subject to reporting under Article 2 of the Automobile Accident Reporting Rules

As we had done in the previous fiscal year, in fiscal 2018 we established the common goal of reducing the number of traffic accidents specified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in the Automobile Accident Reporting Rules (number of reportable traffic accidents) compared to the previous year, and implemented measures suited to each company. Sagawa Express drafted and executed various measures such as providing better training on safety based on the increase in traffic accidents in fiscal 2017. As a result, the number of accidents was reduced by approximately 10% compared to the previous fiscal year in fiscal 2018. SG Moving and World Supply were able to achieve their goals with zero reportable accidents again following the previous fiscal year.


Safety Education

Newly hired drivers at Sagawa Express undergo training and guidance on safe driving, and are required to pass an examination to work solo as Sales Drivers®. Periodic guidance is also provided afterward to enable them to continue to drive safely. Training, guidance, and examinations are only provided by personnel who have certain internal qualifications in a system that provides the same level of education to all drivers. Training is also periodically provided to these instructors and examiners to create a system in which the necessary education is always provided to the workplace.
The two other companies have also established safety education systems providing training and manuals that match their own business characteristics based on the standard set by Sagawa Express.

Training for Drivers (Sagawa Express)

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Timing Training Title Instructor Frequency in
Fiscal 2018
Number of
Recipients in
Fiscal 2018
SD Instructor
Safe Driving
Entry into
Basic Safe Driving Training yes 126 2,634
Driving Ability Assessment yes 5,177 5,177
Driver Mentoring yes 66,647 4,667
Driving Assessment yes 6,517 5,915
SD Certification Training yes 429 3,215
1 month later 1 Month Driver Mentoring yes 3,741 3,629
3 months later 3 Month Driver Mentoring yes 3,542 3,475
6 months later 6 Month Driver Mentoring yes 3,312 3,254
12 months later 12 Month Driver Mentoring yes 2,703 2,667
Thereafter Periodic Driver Mentoring yes 28,889 25,640
Training for Instructors and Examiners (Sagawa Express)

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Training Title Frequency in Fiscal 2018 Number of Recipients in Fiscal 2018
Advanced SD Instructor Accreditation Training 149 1,407
Advanced Safe Driving Examiner Accreditation Training 73 310
Initial Safety Promotion Training 8 162
Coaching Training for Safety Promoters 4 160
SD Adviser Training 22 57
Number of Instructors and Examiners (Sagawa Express)

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Training Title Fiscal 2018 Fiscal 2017
Advanced SD Instructors 10,418 9,529
Advanced Safe Driving Examiners 1,564 1,425
Safety Promoters 1,194 1,029
SD Adviser 133 116

Other Initiatives

In addition to safety education, the SG Holdings Group is implementing measures using safety assistance devices such as drive recorders and conducting initiatives to raise safety awareness through internal commendation systems such as the Continuous Accident-free Award System. Furthermore, the Group aims to reduce the number of traffic accidents not only within its companies but throughout society as a whole by holding traffic safety workshops for regional communities and providing safe driving training services to companies outside the Group.

Drive Recorders

Drive recorders are installed in transportation vehicles to improve drivers' driving skills and analyze the causes of accidents.

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Company Number of Vehicles Owned
(for Transportation Business)
Number Equipped with
Drive Recorders
Installation Rate
Sagawa Express 26,671 19,610 73.5%
SG Moving 74 74 100%
World Supply 135 Not installed (to be installed in fiscal 2019)
Truck Driving Championships

Sagawa Express holds "Truck Driving Championships" every year in order to improve the traffic safety awareness and driving manners of drivers. In fiscal 2018, 84 drivers selected from throughout Japan competed across three events covering traffic rules, inspections, and driving skills. The championships were held for the 26th time in fiscal 2018.

Truck Driving Championships
Continuous Accident-free Award System

Sagawa Express has established a Continuous Accident-free Award System for sales offices nationwide. Being continuously accident-free is quantified by multiplying the number of vehicles held by the continuous number of days without accidents. It provides a way to motivate all drivers in a sales office to work as one to engage in safe driving.

Traffic Safety Classes

Sagawa Express periodically holds traffic safety classes for children and the elderly in local communities. This initiative began in 2003, and has had over 1.5 million participants to date.

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Number Held per Year Number of Participants per Year Total Number of Participants
Traffic Safety Classes 741 73,620 1,567,224
Safe Driving Training Services

Sagawa Express offers "Safe Driving Training Services" providing driving safety expertise to corporations as a business. The aim is to eliminate traffic accidents from society by enabling the knowledge accumulated as professional drivers over many years to be utilized by business operators that utilize motor vehicles. This service is provided in a training format for drivers and instructors.

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Number of Training
Sessions per Year
Number of Participants per Year Number of Participating Companies
Safe Driving Training Services 135 2,109 28
Driver Training Facilities

Sagawa Express has driver training facilities that provide driving training courses in three locations throughout Japan. These facilities are used for safety education for other Group companies and Safe Driving Training Services for outside the Group.

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Driver Training Facilities (Sagawa Express) Location
Toyohashi Training Center Aichi Prefecture
Ayase center Kanagawa Prefecture
Setouchi Park Kagawa Prefecture
Ensuring Vehicle Maintenance

The SG Holdings Group ensures inspections are conducted by drivers before driving and conducts centralized management of maintenance with the aim of "eliminating traffic accidents related to vehicle maintenance."
SG Motors manages sales vehicles throughout the Group, and provides a wide range of support spanning from the management of inspection timing to the standardization and confirmation of suitability of inspection items. It also has a maintenance network that can cover 30,000 vehicles nationwide, ready to handle all of the Group's vehicles at any time.

SG Motors Vehicle Maintenance Network
Telematics Cloud Service

SG Systems provides a telematics cloud service using a cloud platform. "Telematics" is a collective term referring to the provision of information services by combining communications systems with automobiles and other vehicles. This service will lead to the accumulation and analysis of various information in the operation of vehicles, contributing to the improvement of safety.

Aptitude Tests Using a Basic Driving Simulator

World Supply introduced a basic driving simulator in fiscal 2017. This makes it possible to conduct driver aptitude tests without driving a vehicle, and the driving simulator is also utilized in danger prediction training.

Safety Education through HIKYAKU Company Newsletter

Sagawa Express publishes the HIKYAKU company newsletter monthly. It includes news and warnings on safety as necessary, lending itself to a safety education tool for all employees.

Overseas Initiatives

SG Sagawa Ameroid (Singapore)

SG Sagawa Ameroid established a Safety Committee in 2015 and is striving to prevent traffic accidents. The company is also working to introduce a web portal system (accident reporting system) and systems for driver training and driving analysis, and also install equipment such as high-definition cameras in vehicles for monitoring drivers and other purposes.

Expolanka (Sri Lanka)

Expolanka Freight (EFL), an Expolanka Group company, implemented the "Road Safety Program," which is aimed at educating employees to improve the safety of EFL's delivery services for employees, customers, local communities, and the environment. This program provides information helpful for EFL to raise safety awareness among employees, which thereby allows the company to ensure traffic safety and maintain a culture of placing the highest priority on safety.


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