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Achieving a Rewarding Workplace


Personnel Vision

The SG Holdings Group relies on all of its employees to operate independently and in 2012 formulated the SG Holdings Group Personnel Vision with the goal of maximizing the potential capacities and individuality of each employee. The Personnel Vision describes clearly an organizational culture aimed at developing human resources and diversity of work styles and emphasizes the importance of each employee working with autonomy. In addition, since 2013 we have positioned Group Managers* (GMs), who comprise the management class, as influencers to foster the penetration of this vision and are working to communicate new values to all employees.

*Group Managers means employees of general manager rank who comprise the management of groups.

Personnel Vision

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Flexible, Diverse Work Styles

The SG Holdings Group is engaged in a variety of initiatives designed to allow employees themselves to practice work-life management and to select from among flexible and diverse work styles the one that fits them best.
We also believe that the promotion of diverse work styles will make it easier to attract new talent, and will contribute to correcting long work hours.

Introduction of Telework

The SG Holdings Group is promoting telework as one of the diverse work styles. Currently four companies* have introduced the system, including working from home. In addition, being considered by other companies, the adoption of telework will gradually be expanding.
For example, in fiscal 2017 SG Holdings recruited applicants and conducted a two-month trial of telework. After reviewing the results, it began full-fledged adoption starting from fiscal 2018. This new work style has been well received with the participants in the trial. They commended that having extra time instead of commuting to work was appreciated by their families, and that they were better able to focus on their work because they were freed from having to answer the phone.
SG Systems introduced an online video telephone system as a means of communication between work-from-home employees and other employees with the aim of improving work-life balance and labor productivity. At the same time, in order to also enhance the security environment, SG Systems employs remote desktop tools and has connected the PC used by work-from-home employees to the cloud so that information does not remain at their location. From June 2017, SG Systems initiated a full-fledged telework system.
Starting from September 2017, SG Moving also introduced a work-from-home system and is promoting its use as a tool for boosting employee energy and enthusiasm in the context of changes in their life stage and circumstances.

*SG Holdings, SG Moving, SG Systems, and SG Expert

Delivery Mate

Sagawa Express is proposing a work style called "Delivery Mate," for which registrants enter into a service contract with Sagawa Express. They work on a piecework basis and the pay is based on the contract rate per parcel. The point of the program is that you can work at your own pace by selecting the times and days that suit you best rather than working shifts at predetermined times as in most part-time jobs.

Logi Shift

Sagawa Global Logistics has introduced the work program "Logi Shift" for warehousing operations such as inspections and packaging that can be done in free time, which allows employees to freely choose the day and time they want to work. This creates an environment where it is particularly easy for part-time employees such as homemakers to work. As of July 2018, this program was underway at 41 business sites (an increase of six from 2017) and the cumulative number of registrants already exceeds 6,000 (an increase of 1,200 from 2017).
Currently, not only homemakers, but also college students and vocational school students are being hired for the program. Looking ahead, Sagawa Global Logistics is hoping to further expand the range of registrants.

Column"SG Fielder Introduces Web-Based Interviews"

SG Fielder, a human resources outsourcing company, introduced a "WEB Interview" system in November 2017. This has made it possible to complete the entire process from interview to final employment registration procedures on the Internet using a smartphone or tablet. This system can shorten the time spent on the hiring and registration process, including scheduling an interview and participating in the registration briefing meeting. It can thereby respond to the needs of job applicants who want to start working immediately from even the next day. People with multiple jobs or homemakers taking care of children who cannot easily attend registration briefing meetings can now have their interviews at any time. SG Fielder is using digital tools in hiring in its efforts to increase opportunities for people seeking work.

Left:Scene of Interview form the Hiring Side Right:Scene of Interview from the Applicant's Side

Scene of Interview form the Hiring SideScene of Interview from the Applicant's Side

Maintaining and Enhancing Motivation

The SG Holdings Group formulated the SG Holdings Group Personnel Vision with the goal of enabling all employees to act independently and maximize the potential of their individual skills and unique personalities. In line with this Personnel Vision, various training and other programs have been put in place with the aim of enhancing employee motivation.

Overseas Training

The Group has a 39-year history in overseas training.
Employees who are chosen from among applicants visit Singapore and other Asian countries where we have local subsidiaries. Observing overseas sites and meeting with local management has brought a global perspective to the participants.
Starting from fiscal 2014, we also began inviting managers selected from local subsidiaries for training in Japan. With visits to various business locations of the Group, this program is aimed to help participants increase their understanding of the Group's business and the logistics industry in Japan in general and foster their motivation to promote business back in their countries.

  • Overseas Training

    Overseas Training

  • Training in Japan for Employees from Other Countries

    Training in Japan for Employees from Other Countries

Bright Future Vision Committee

This project focuses on the vision (imagination/inspiration) of young employees for their future. Fiscal 2017 was the fourth year for this program, which has already nurtured about 90 future-oriented members. The goal is to transform the organization using the skills and experience gained through its committee sessions.

Next-generation Leader Development Training

We conduct training for mid-level employees chosen from among assistant and section managers to develop the human resources who create value and will lead the next generation.

Excellent Employee Commendation Program

This program honors exemplary employees who have built a superior record of accomplishment. An awards ceremony is held, inviting the honorees' families, as a means of increasing the motivation of the honorees as well as heightening awareness throughout the entire group, including our overseas companies.

In-house University "SGH University"

The SG Holdings Group opened SGH University as an in-house university in March 2017 to support employee development. The school was established with the goal of providing an environment where employees with a desire to learn and the ambition to explore new avenues in their careers can study independently and further their self-development.
As an academic venue combining group training and e-learning to provide a comprehensive curriculum, SGH University supports career development from employees first entering the company up to candidates for executive positions. The university offers group training for selected or general participants and optional training on freely chosen subjects, and e-leaning is also available.
The university also has training rooms together with a library space to encourage employees to come together and learn together in an enjoyable way.

SGH University has four training rooms and a library space.

SGH University has four training rooms and a library space.

Concepts of SGH University
Concepts of SGH University

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In-house Venture Program

The SG Holdings Group initiated its In-house Venture Program in 2014. This program was set up to invite business ideas from employees and assess commercialization of promising proposals. In fiscal 2017, after the final review of presentations, four proposals for creating further added value in the logistics business were selected as winners. The next step will be discussion and review of the possible commercialization of the winning ideas with the business units involved.
The concept of this program is to create a corporate culture that encourages all employees to think about problem areas and to challenge themselves to produce innovative ideas that will benefit the Group's business.

The 4th Venture Business Grand Prix

The 4th Venture Business Grand Prix

Employee Seminars

With the aim of increasing employee job fulfillment and satisfaction, in February 2017 we held a Life Planning Seminar and a Pre-retirement Seminar.
The goal of these seminars was to help each employee develop their own life plan by thinking about financial planning, health, and their work-life balance as well as preparedness for caregiving, relationships in their families, and life satisfaction so that they can work and live energetically in the present while at the same time getting ready for the future.
The Life Planning Seminar aimed at employees in their late 30s and the Pre-retirement Seminar for employees scheduled to retire the following year were held at 19 locations throughout Japan.

Children's Observation Day

The SG Holdings Group has holds Children's Observation Days and Family Days at business companies on an ongoing basis to help families better understand the group's business.
In 2017 SG Motors Children's Observation Day was held at the Fuji Plant with the participation of 19 children, who all put on the same blue uniforms as the auto mechanics and experienced firsthand vehicle maintenance work.
Family Day at SG Moving (Kanto Area) was held as an event to show the head office, which was newly moved to Koto-ku in Tokyo in February 2017, to the visitors and have the children of employees make soap and candles from waste oil to foster learning about preserving the environment.

  • SG Motors Children's Plant Visit

    SG Motors Children's Plant Visit

  • Learning to Drive with a Children's Cart at SG Motors

    Learning to Drive with a Children's Cart at SG Motors

  • Children Making Soap and Candles at SG Moving

    Children Making Soap and Candles at SG Moving

  • Group Photo of Participants at SG Moving Family Day

    Group Photo of Participants at SG Moving Family Day

Employee Attitude Surveys

In the context of promoting stakeholder management, we conduct employee attitude surveys to gain an understanding of Group employee attitudes, identify issues, and make improvements. The survey, which covered approximately 50,000 Group employees in fiscal 2017, showed that the overall level of employee satisfaction was stable while also evidencing a positive trend on some individual issues. On the basis of these results, each Group company is developing plans for implementing initiatives for improvements in areas where there was relatively low satisfaction.
We believe that incorporating the views of employees as stakeholders into management decisions contributes to improving the overall level of employee satisfaction, and ultimately customer satisfaction. We are committed to continuing this approach as a means of promoting a positive cycle of employee and customer satisfaction.

Results of Employee Attitude Survey (Japan)

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Fiscal 2017
Response rate (%) 84.20
Satisfaction score (maximum of 5) 3.54
Ratio of questioned employees to total number of employees (%) 67.60

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