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Service Quality



The SG Holdings Group believes that quality is the foundation for providing high-value services.
By establishing structures and mechanisms aimed at improving quality, the Group ensures quality management to respond to the trust of customers.



Sagawa Express, which is the core of the Group, is endeavoring to improve transportation quality by assigning personnel responsible for quality in 18 branches and 426 sales offices nationwide, centered on the Quality Assurance Department, which is the department responsible in head office.
In nationwide quality promotion personnel meetings held monthly, personnel responsible for promoting quality in the responsible head office departments and branches reflect on issues that have occurred, identify their causes and discuss improvement measures, and the content of these discussions is shared with all sales offices in real time using tablets.

Head office Quality Assurance Department - All branches Personnel responsible for promoting quality - All sales offices Personnel responsible for quality control

Quality Control Systems

Sagawa Express has acquired the ISO 9001:2015 international standard for quality management systems certification for continued improvements to transportation quality at 458 business sites.
In order to enable services with uniform quality to be provided in sales offices nationwide, manuals on various services are made available to enable Sales Drivers® to check the latest manuals at any time. Furthermore, internal and external audits are performed to check whether operations are being conducted correctly in accordance with manuals. Internal audits are conducted by auditors granted licenses unique to Sagawa Express (2,655 license recipients nationwide). They perform checks, reviews and guidance for improvements in all operations in the services provided by their sales offices twice each year. External audits perform checks on randomly selected branches from the perspective of a third party, and issues discovered in the audits are shared with the nationwide meetings for quality promotion personnel and put through the PDCA cycle.


Transportation Quality Improvement

Sagawa Express establishes quality items for improving transportation quality every year, sets targets and implements measures.
The quality items are quantified and used to make improvements by identifying the causes when the standard values are not reached. For example, we have installed "impact meters" together with dummy shipments that measure impacts to scientifically examine where there is a potential for collisions and help in preventing disruptive accidents.
Furthermore, we are raising awareness about improving transport quality through means such as posters to encourage caution as well as educational DVDs about cargo accidents in addition to quality improvement poster contest for employees.

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Quality items in fiscal 2017
Time quality (1) Time-band service fulfillment rate
(2) Absence redelivery fulfillment rate
(3) Hikyaku Just Time Express fulfillment rate
(4) Morning commercial delivery rate
Freight quality (5) Hikyaku Cool Express freight temperature accident rate
(6) Outbound freight accident rate
(7) Inbound freight accident rate
Response quality (8) Complaint rate

Improvement of Quality of Hikyaku Cool Express

Hikyaku Cool Express offered by Sagawa Express aims to provide service quality able to bring peace of mind through the use of vehicles, equipment and fixtures repeatedly inspected so that shipments from collection to delivery can be transported at cold or frozen temperatures. Vehicles that support three temperature levels and dedicated cool vehicles are used in collection and delivery. "Cool boxes" are used when using vehicles that transport items at normal temperatures. In addition, all of our sales offices are fully equipped with cold or frozen facilities. We use our alliance partner Nichirei Logistics Group cooling facilitates at transfer sites for long-haul transportation to sort shipments by delivery area. We use cool shoulder bags for delivery from the truck to the door of our delivery destination to thoroughly manage the temperature throughout the entire process from when we collect a package until we deliver it. Apart from these initiatives, we are constantly making improvements. For example, we changed the shape, color and size of care mark stickers pasted to packages to be easier to view based on comments from customers and reflections on what we have done in the past.

Improvement of Quality of Hikyaku Cool Express

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Mechanisms for Fully Applying Customer Feedback

Sagawa Express is working to enhance mechanisms to leverage the valuable feedback of our customers in service improvements as well as product and service development. We specifically and finely classify the feedback the company receives from customers using text mining technology and visualize the claims and requests. These are used to improve customer satisfaction.
In the future, we will work to further improve the company's response to customer opinions and feedback in customer satisfactions while we take the precision of our analyses to the next level.

Breakdown of Improvement Requests

Holding Quality Championships

SG Moving has established the further improvement of "service quality" in its main businesses of moving and equipment transport and installation business as priority issues, and is focusing on the development of specialized staff. As part of this, the Quality Championships have been held since 2012, providing a competition for manners to customers, advanced knowledge and skills in an effort to improve service quality.
The championships were held for the sixth time in fiscal 2017, and a total of 24 people in 12 teams selected from throughout Japan including partner companies participated. The competition is based on the total score made up of two kinds of results; a written examination that tests skills developed in everyday work and combined event (packaging, carrying and assembly). This year, a female team displaying detailed work and manners was victorious. In addition, more than 500 guests were invited from inside and outside the company to view demonstrations of the Company's advanced technological capabilities, such as new initiatives to install air conditioners and built-in stoves, and the unloading and installation of large, heavy objects such as endoscopic surgery robots and gate-type metal detectors.

The winning team during the competition

The winning team during the competition

Provision of Warranties

SG Motors is endeavoring to establish a quality assurance system for products and service provided to customers.
Since 2016, the company has been selling warranties for used vehicles, selling comprehensive warranties for mobile vendor vehicles including chassis in body manufacturing, and also engaging in a variety of quality measures for providing warranties in vehicle maintenance.

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