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Safety Management



Initiatives to eliminate traffic accidents are the area the Group is placing the most emphasis on to realize a "safe and secure transportation society." Sagawa Express, SG Moving, and World Supply, which conduct transportation business, have established a basic policy on transportation safety based on the transport safety management system established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Using this policy as a foundation, the companies have established systems for eliminating accidents. Furthermore, efforts are also being made to ensure the safety of the Group's entire transportation business, with support being provided by SG Motors with vehicle maintenance and SG Systems through information technology.

Basic Policy on Transportation Safety
  1. 01Under the Corporate Philosophy of the SG Holdings Group, all employees will work as one to constantly improve transportation safety by putting human life first through close cooperation between Group companies based on the Charter of Corporate Conduct.
  2. 02Management executives will lead efforts to ensure transportation safety within the company by having a deep understanding that ensuring transportation safety is the bedrock of management of the business. Furthermore, they will ensure that employees are aware of the highest importance of ensuring transportation safety.
  3. 03We will steadily implement safety management and conduct operations with a top priority on safety.
  4. 04When utilizing partner companies, we will not conduct any act that impedes the business operator's practice to ensure transportation safety. Furthermore, we will strive to cooperate with partner companies in the improvement of transportation safety.
  5. 05We will publish information on transportation safety.
Fiscal 2017 Goals and Overview

Boundary: Scope of application of goal
Related SDGs: Targets of SDGs (sustainable development goals) closely related to the goal

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Long-term Theme Fiscal 2017 Goals Results and progress of fiscal 2017 initiatives Boundary Related SDGs
Sagawa Express Japan Overseas
Reduce traffic accidents in the Company and the whole society Reduction of the number of traffic accidents*1 (year-on-year comparison)
  • Sagawa Express: 22
    (+3 year-on-year)
  • SG Moving: 0
    (-1 year-on-year)
  • World Supply: 0
    (same as previous year)
*2   3.6

*1 Number of accidents specified in Article 2 of the Automobile Accident Reporting Rules
*2 The figures for Japan are only for companies that have separate targets based on the transport safety management system.

The outcome of initiatives by Sagawa Express in fiscal 2017, unfortunately, resulted in an increase in the number of accidents compared to fiscal 2016. It is believed that one cause may have been a delay in filling the shortage of instructors who train new employees, while the company's hiring activities progressed steadily as it pressed forward with work style reforms. Therefore, Sagawa Express began specific responses such as increasing the number of instructors and reviewing training methods. Safety Promotion Manager Coaching Training, which we introduced in fiscal 2017, is one of these responses. Following on from fiscal 2016, World Supply again kept the number of accidents to zero.

Number of Traffic Accidents Based on the Automobile Accident Reporting Rules

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  Fiscal 2016 Fiscal 2017
Sagawa Express Number of vehicles owned: 25,153 (as of March 31, 2018) 19 22
SG Moving Number of vehicles owned: 74 (as of March 31, 2018) 1 0
World Supply Number of vehicles owned: 136 (as of March 31, 2018) 0 0



The Group has established a transport safety management systems for each Group company. In October 2016, the Motor Truck Transportation Business Act was revised, and the transport safety management system was introduced for the purpose of "constantly improving safety." A Safety Measures Committee was established in Sagawa Express, which plays a central role in the Group's transport business, to ensure safety as the highest priority management issue. The chairman of the committee is the Managing Director and the vice chairman is the head of the department responsible at the head office. Branch managers from 18 locations nationwide and general managers of head office departments also participate as members of the committee. Safety meetings are held by the Safety Measures Committee every month, and top management discusses a variety of issues related to safety, including the progress of safety measures. In addition, taskforce meetings are held as necessary by safety promotion managers at the head office (responsible for each area) to devise safety measures reflecting opinions from the workplace and consider improvements. Safety promotion managers have also been appointed in the 426 sales offices that are home to drivers nationwide to provide not only guidance and training but also smooth communication. The Group's safe driving management is based on creating an environment where drivers can drive with peace of mind.

Sagawa Express Safety Management System
Sagawa Express Safety Management System

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System for Accidents and Disasters

Sagawa Express has established a reporting system for promptly responding to an accident or a disaster.

Organizational Structure and Chain of Command Related to Transport Safety at Sagawa Express
Organizational Structure and Chain of Command Related to Transport Safety at Sagawa Express

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Safety Education
Education and Training System

Sagawa Express has driver training facilities that provide driving training courses in Kanagawa, Aichi, and Kagawa prefectures, and provides a driver education system from joining the company to becoming an independent driver. After joining the company, new drivers undergo Basic New Employee Training and Basic Safe Driving Training. Once they have passed a Driving Ability Assessment by an Advanced Safe Driving Examiner, they undergo mentoring by Advanced SD Instructors. Sagawa Express believes that instruction by a mentor is the most effective method of education. Drivers then undergo a Driving Assessment and a Collection and Delivery Service Test, and can only be involved in operations alone as Sales Drivers® after these have been passed. After becoming independent, they receive follow-ups and monitoring by Advanced SD Instructors at one, three and six months, and by Advanced Safe Driving Examiners at 12 months.

Sagawa Express Toyohashi (Aichi prefecture) Training Center

Sagawa Express Toyohashi (Aichi prefecture) Training Center

New Driver Training Flow
New Driver Training Flow

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Advanced SD Instructors who provide mentoring and Advanced Safe Driving Examiners who conduct tests are certified under the "Sagawa License System." There is also an adequate training system for not only new drivers but also their instructors.

Main Forms of Training

Basic Safe Driving Training

Basic Safe Driving Training is designed to provide the minimum necessary skills and knowledge as a commercial vehicle driver to new employees engaged in driving operations. The training includes lectures for improving safety awareness and sensitivity to danger, and practical training for learning about truck driving characteristics and safety confirmation methods. Through this training, we endeavor to standardize driving quality and ensure safety in driving operations.

Advanced SD Instructor Accreditation Training

Advanced SD Instructor Accreditation Training is aimed at personnel who provide education to new employees in the workplace. It teaches instruction methods for eliminating traffic accidents and violations through practical training. Specifically, it develops the ability to detect unsafe behaviors of new employees and provide sound instruction and advice. Training is conducted in role-playing format to enhance communication skills and teach more practical skills. Furthermore, efforts are made to brush up as needed after acquiring accreditation in a mechanism for maintaining a certain level of instruction.

Advanced SD Instructors 9,529 Instructors

Advanced Safe Driving Examiner Accreditation Training

Advanced Safe Driving Examiner Accreditation Training is designed to provide accreditation to examiners who determine whether or not drivers are able to drive. Through this training, the skill of being able to appropriately determine the state of correct driving and implementation of safety checks. Furthermore, like Advanced SD Instructors, efforts are made to brush up as needed after acquiring accreditation to maintain a certain level of instruction.

Advanced Safe Driving Examiners 1,425 Examiners

Initial Safety Promotion Training

Initial Safety Promotion Training is designed for Safety Promotion Managers conducting safety management and instruction for the prevention of accidents. They are the keystones of safety in everyday transport operations. This training provides a broad range of study for newly appointed Safety Promotion Managers ranging from basic knowledge required for operation management and labor management to responses in the event of an accident. Basic knowledge includes learning about relevant laws, internal regulations, and practical manuals. Responses in the event of an emergency include role-playing based training and on-site investigations in other sales offices.

Safety Promotion Managers 1,019 Managers

Safety Promotion Manager Coaching Training

Safety Promotion Manager Coaching Training is intended to improve the level of Safety Promotion Managers that was newly established in fiscal 2017. It involves studying how to ascertain the true causes of accidents and what steps to take to eliminate the causes and ensure they do not occur again from a variety of angles. The aim is to prevent traffic accidents and traffic violations by drivers by improving the ability of Safety Promotion Managers to provide instruction.

State of Implementation of Training in fiscal 2017

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Training Title Number of Instances Number of Recipients
Basic New Employee Training 148 3,879
Basic Safe Driving Training 138 3,071
Initial Safety Promotion Training (*1) 6 128
Advanced SD Instructor Accreditation Training (*2) 132 1,091
Advanced Safe Driving Examiner Accreditation Training (*3) 70 261
SD Adviser Training (*4) 24 102
  • *1 Safety Promotion Managers
    Persons conducting safety management in sales offices
  • *2 Advanced SD Instructors
    Persons conducting driver mentoring
  • *3 Advanced Safe Driving Examiners
    Persons determining whether drivers can work independently
  • *4 SD Adviser
    Persons in administrative positions who provide practical consultation and advice on customer responses to drivers with less than one year of experience driving.
Safety Supported by Technology
Verification of Safe Driving Using Driving Recorders

Sagawa Express and SG Moving have introduced driving recorders (safe driving recording devices) to provide more effective safe driving instruction. Some driving recorders used are able to not only videotape but digitize dangerous behavior such as engine revolutions and sudden braking while driving.
World Supply is scheduled to introduce driving recorders from fiscal 2018.

Number of vehicles with driving recorders in Sagawa Express 15,529(61.8%) / Number of vehicles with driving recorders in SG Moving 74(100%)

Driving behavior data are analyzed under five categories to present the driving characteristic of the vehicle. This makes it possible to identify a driver's regular driving behavior and weaknesses, enabling correct instruction for overcoming issues. Drivers share their experiences of near misses recorded by the driving recorder while driving, and these are also used to provide opportunities to consider safety measures.

Driving Diagnosis Report Card

Driving Diagnosis Report Card

Aptitude Tests Using a Basic Driving Simulator

World Supply introduced a basic driving simulator in fiscal 2017. This enables driver aptitude tests to be conducted without driving a vehicle, and is also utilized in danger prediction training.

Safety Education in HIKYAKU Company Newsletter

Sagawa Express publishes the HIKYAKU company newsletter monthly. It includes news and warnings on safety as necessary, lending itself to a safety education tool for all employees.

Introduction of Safety Assistance Devices

Sagawa Express has introduced safety assistance devices such as rear sonar and parking alarms to prevent accidents.

Prevention of Accidents When Reversing

Rear sonar

Sagawa Express has introduced rear sonar to eliminate accidents when reversing. Rear sonar is a safety assistance device that sounds an alarm when an obstacle is approached.
Sagawa Express analyzed accidents that occurred in the past to manufacture an original rear sonar. The units have been progressively installed since fiscal 2017.

Rear camera

Sagawa Express has installed rear cameras in all of its vehicles.

Rear camera
Prevention of Accidents When Vehicles Are Unattended

Serious damage can be caused in accidents that occur when a vehicle moves without a driver. These accidents have a significant impact on society.
Sagawa Express has adopted parking alarms and electric parking brakes to prevent these accidents from occurring.

Parking alarm

A parking alarm is a safety assistance device that warns the driver by sounding an alarm when the driver forgets to apply the parking brake. Like rear sonar, Sagawa Express analyzed accidents that occurred in the past to manufacture an original alarm. The units have been progressively installed since fiscal 2017.

Parking alarm

Parking alarm

Electric parking brake

An electric parking brake is a device for automatically controlling the parking brake lever stroke according to the vehicle conditions. This makes it possible to ensure the necessary braking force is applied, and can prevent accidents from occurring when a vehicle is unattended due to the parking brake not being adequately engaged. The units have been progressively installed since fiscal 2013.

Electric parking brake

Electric parking brake

Internal Commendation Systems
Truck Driving Championships

We hold Truck Driving Championships every year at Sagawa Express with the goal of cultivating professional drivers and increasing the safety awareness of all our employees. In fiscal 2017, a total of 84 drivers (including employees of Group companies) were chosen from all over Japan to use the driving skills and knowledge they have gained to compete in the categories of three: knowledge, driving, and inspection.
Training is performed for participating drivers from throughout the country when they participate in the championships, allowing them to share related knowledge, hone their driving skills and etiquette, and develop professional awareness.
The championships were held for the 25th time in 2017.

Truck Driving Championships

Truck Driving Championships

Continuous Accident-free Award System

Sagawa Express has established a Continuous Accident-free Award System for sales offices. Being continuously accident-free is quantified by multiplying the number of vehicles held by the continuous number of days without accidents. It provides a way to motivate all drivers in a sales office to work as one to engage in safe driving.

Ensuring Vehicle Maintenance

The SG Holdings Group aims to eliminate traffic accidents related to vehicle maintenance.
SG Motors oversees and manages all sales vehicles within the Group. SG Motors has a maintenance network covering 30,000 vehicles nationwide utilizing 14 branches, 25 company-owned maintenance plants, and 275 affiliates nationwide.
Vehicle inspections include routine inspections that must be performed by drivers, in addition to quarterly and annual inspections performed by SG Motors according to a vehicle maintenance plan. Inspection and maintenance items are standardized to provide a mechanism to prevent problems being overlooked.

SG Motors Vehicle Maintenance Network
Safety Supported by IoT
Telematics Cloud Service

SG Systems provides a telematics cloud service using a cloud platform. "Telematics" is a collective term referring to the provision of information services by combining communications systems with moving vehicles such as automobiles. This will lead to the accumulation and analysis of various information in the operation of vehicles, contributing to the improvement of safety.
The service was chosen by the Japan Institute of Logistics Systems as a certified business operator for the fiscal 2016 subsidy for business expenses for the creation of next-generation logistics systems. We are currently developing a "Telematics Cloud System," enabling dynamic management and communication between trucks in transit, transfer centers, warehouses, and long-haul transport companies using smart devices.

  • Detailed screen image of driving data

    Detailed screen image of driving data

  • Image of driving journal

    Image of driving journal

To Ensure Safety of Society as a Whole
Safety of Children

Sagawa Express Traffic Safety Classes

Sagawa Express provides Sagawa Express Traffic Safety Classes with the desire to enable as many children as possible to avoid danger. They highlight the importance of obeying traffic rules to children throughout Japan, especially young children from kindergarten to the lower grades of elementary school.
Children in the phase of mental and physical development have great curiosity but are also easily distracted. They sometimes act unexpectedly in the street due to their immature grasp of traffic rules. In these Traffic Safety Classes, we use trucks that are actually used and costumes with the aim of providing simple explanations from a child's viewpoint. They have been well received by educational institutions, PTAs and the police.

  • Sagawa Express Traffic Safety Classes
  • Sagawa Express Traffic Safety Classes
Safety of the Elderly

As well as for young children, Sagawa Express provides traffic safety classes for the elderly in various regions.

Traffic safety class for the elderly

Traffic safety class for the elderly

Number of traffic safety classes provided (fiscal 2017) 920 classes / Number of participants (fiscal 2017) 77,389 participants / Total number of participants to date (since 2003) 1,493,604 participants
ColumnSafety Picture Diary Contest

SG Motors has held the Safety Picture Diary Contest since fiscal 2014. The purpose of the initiative is to reduce traffic accidents and violations by increasing safety awareness through the provision of opportunities for families to think about safety. The contest was held for the fourth time in fiscal 2017, and two grand prizes, two awards for excellence, and four special awards were awarded for contestants chosen from among 97 creative submissions drawn by the children of employees.
We will continue with a variety of safety initiatives in the future in an effort to reduce traffic accidents and violations.

Diaries awarded the grand prizes

Diaries awarded the grand prizes

Safe Driving Training Services

We are also providing know-how in safe driving cultivated by Sagawa Express to general business operators as fee-based Safe Driving Training Services for both instructors and drivers. Participants are offered a variety of safe driving programs ranging from practical training to classes such as safety lectures and driving aptitude tests in the training facility located in Kanagawa prefecture. This service has been requested by many business operators especially in areas other than transportation. We believe it plays a role in reducing traffic accidents in society in general.

Training Examples

  • Training for instructors:
    Safe driving instructor training(2 days & 1 night)
  • Training for drivers:
    Safe driving basic training(2 days & 1 night)
    Training for people whocaused accidents (1 day)
  • Safety lectures and classes (accident prevention measures, safety check methods, safe driving instruction methods, danger prediction training, etc.)
  • Providing instruction using training vehicles

    Providing instruction using training vehicles

  • Number of training sessions 127 Sessions / Number of participating companies 30 Companies / Number of participants 2,551 Participants

    Number of participants in fiscal 2017

Overseas Initiatives
SG Sagawa Ameroid (Singapore)

SG Sagawa Ameroid in Singapore established a Safety Committee in 2015 and is striving to prevent traffic accidents.
The company is also working to establish a web portal system (accident reporting system), systems for driver training and driving analysis, and also install equipment such as high-definition cameras in vehicles for monitoring drivers and other purposes.

Main Initiatives

  1. 01Include vehicle and forklift inspections in the daily reports of each driver
  2. 02Inspect warehouses, offices and other facilities monthly through safety management committee members
  3. 03Conduct lectures related to safe driving as well as evasive driving training to avoid dangers for all of our drivers (utilize a check system for driving conditions)
  4. 04Formulate procedures to respond to emergencies such as vehicle damage, disasters, and accidents (distribute portable pocket cards)
  5. 05Equip all vehicles with safety equipment such as triangular indicators, safety vests, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers to use in breakdowns and accidents
  • Check System Materials for Driving Conditions

    Check System Materials for Driving Conditions

  • Emergency Response Pocket Cards

    Emergency Response Pocket Cards

Health Management


The SG Holding Group holds Health Management Project Promotion Meetings twice a year in cooperation with its health insurance society in Japan to set specific quantitative health goals, and works actively to help resolve employees' health issues to promote their health and prevent illnesses.
The Group also conducts a lifestyle diseases prevention campaign and works to create an environment where employees themselves take charge of maintaining their health by encouraging weight control and other initiatives. We try to reduce health risks through such efforts as measures to prevent illnesses from becoming severe for high-risk individuals and the SG Smart Program (specific health guidance) for persons with metabolic syndrome. In addition, to promote a non-smoking campaign, we have established a non-smoking promotion committee in each Group company to enhance employee health.


Efforts in Mental Health Care

Even prior to December 2015 when stress checks became mandatory, the SG Holdings Group was implementing measures in mental health care for employees in Group companies throughout Japan. In terms of mental health management, everyone insured by the health insurance society (approximately 47,000 individuals) takes stress checks once a year and anyone who wishes to may consult with an industrial physician or othermedical professional.
In order to support the mental health of employees and their families, the Group has also established SG Holdings Group Health Dial 24 staffed by a professional organization, which provides free consultations on the telephone or online. Anyone who wishes to may also arrange a free consultation with a clinical psychologist at counseling rooms located throughout Japan. From fiscal 2016, annual common stress checks are conducted group-wide and employees wishing to may meet with an industrial physician or other medical professional.
There is also an organizational analysis based on the results of the stress checks. The Group is making every effort to improve the working environment.

A Poster Publicizing the Group Health Dial

A Poster Publicizing the Group Health Dial

First Convocation of a Breast Cancer Seminar for Female Employees

In October 2017, SG Global Japan invited Ms. Kumiko Arai, Representative Director of Pink Ribbon, Inc., a general incorporated foundation, and held a Breast Cancer Seminar for Female Employees. Breast cancer happens to many women and because women comprise over 40% of the workforce at SG Global Japan's head office, it sponsored this seminar as a part of its initiatives in work-life management to spread awareness and knowledge of breast cancer. Forty employees participated in the seminar, acquiring basic knowledge about breast cancer, and learning how to perform self-examinations using a Breast Care Glove.

  • Lecture on Self-examination with Practice Using a Breast Care Glove

    Lecture on Self-examination with Practice Using a Breast Care Glove

  • Sensing the Hardness of a Breast Lump Using a Mannequin

    Sensing the Hardness of a Breast Lump Using a Mannequin

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