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Promoting Diversity & Inclusion



The SG Holdings Group works to promote Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and grow as a company with a competitive edge which respects diverse values. We are actively engaged, in particular, in initiatives to promote the participation of women, such as by active promotion of women as managers, creating new business by female employees, expanding occupational fields for women, putting the necessary systems in place and transforming our corporate culture.

Fiscal 2017 Goals and Overview

Boundary: Scope of application of goal
Related SDGs: Targets of SDGs (sustainable development goals) closely related to the goal

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Fiscal 2017 Goals KPIs Results and progress of fiscal 2017 initiatives Boundary Related SDGs
Sagawa Express Japan Overseas
Provide a venue and opportunity for everyone to develop and flourish equally regardless of gender, age, handicaps, or other discriminatory factors. 35% ratio of female employees (2011 - 2020) Progress in female employee ratio (2011: 20.6% → 2017: 30.6%) 4.4
10% ratio of female management personnel (2011 - 2020) Progress in female management ratio (2011: 1.0% → 2017: 4.2%)  
Implementation of annual D&I* training

D&I training: Implementation of the Diversity Forum by the WakuWaku Women's Project

*D&I: Diversity and Inclusion


WakuWaku Women's Project

To promote the participation of female employees throughout the Group, we are continuing the activities of the WakuWaku Women's Project across the entire Group. With the SG Holdings Group Human Resources Department serving as the secretariat, a coordinator is appointed at each Group company. Coordinators discuss and share initiatives and progress to increase participation by female employees at each company through coordinator meetings held two or three times a year and at a general meeting held once a year. These meeting, with representatives from both the administrative and business departments, create a venue where business ideas from a woman's perspective are actively discussed. In addition, to enhance motivation, the WakuWaku Award has been established to encourage the Group companies to compete with each other in creating business concepts and demonstrating achievements based on the theme of women's participation. Once a year the Group also holds a Diversity Forum inviting outside experts in order to further understand Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) among executive management and middle managers.


Promotion of Participation of Women

Women's Career Support Training

The SG Holdings Group conducts Women's Career Support Training led by external instructors for female employees who are management candidates. Roughly 70 women participated in the training, which was held three times during fiscal 2017. The women learned the importance of diversity and business skills through discussion with executives and group managers. Taking hints from the discussions with active female managers, these women also created a vision for their own individual careers and action targets to realize that vision.

WakuWaku Women's Project Activities

The SG Holdings Group conducts the WakuWaku Women's Project across the Group with the aim of promoting the participation of female employees. In fiscal 2017, we held the 5th WakuWaku Award to honor business sites working to create business based on women's participation and improve operations. In addition, we announced the "IKUBOSU [a boss who understands the needs of caregivers] Proclamation" aimed primarily at executive management in Japan in order to foster the active participation of diverse human resources. We also held the 2017 Diversity Forum with the aim of increasing understanding of D&I in our management ranks (GMs). The forum featured an address by Mr. Tsuneo Sasaki, a well-known leading proponent of D&I, and also included a workshop for learning IKUBOSU skills.

WakuWaku Awards Ceremony

WakuWaku Awards Ceremony

Number of New Female Employees: New Graduate Employees in Fiscal 2018 224/627
The "1-Hour Meeting"

In order to create a working environment where women can work more easily and with greater enthusiasm, SG Motors held "1-Hour Meetings" for discussing women's participation in the workplace. All of the female employees at each business site exchanged opinions about the topic from the viewpoint and perspective of women. In all, 120 women at 14 stores and two manufacturing plants participated in fiscal 2017.

Expanding Occupational Opportunities for Women

The SG Holdings Group actively strives to create an environment where women can proactively take up the types of jobs that have been primarily the domain of men.

Sagawa Express is promoting the introduction of swap body vehicles which have a detachable body and cargo bed. We expect this innovation will expand occupational opportunities for female drivers as cargo loading can be handled separately by other staff.

Sagawa Express has also established 324 Service Centers (SCs) throughout Japan that perform collection and distribution using hand carts or bicycles. The non-truck business not only translates into a reduction of CO2 emissions, but also serves to create a workplace that is more work-friendly for women. Women now comprise about 40% of the employees working at SCs.

Taking into consideration ease of use by female employees who work on-site, SG Motors has adopted lightweight lifts, jib cranes and other lightweight equipment for moving heavy objects at its body manufacturing facilities. It is also promoting expanded job opportunities for women through initiatives such as holding in-house courses on welding operations where employees can learn by practicing the techniques taught.

Swap Body Truck

Swap Body Truck

This truck expands driver opportunities because it is a vehicle that differs from a trailer truck and only requires a large-size vehicle driver's license.

  • Lightweight Lifter

    Lightweight Lifter

  • Jib Crane

    Jib Crane

"Ladies Moving"- Moving Service by Female Staff

Since 2014, SG Moving has offered Ladies Moving, in which female staff assist female customers seeking moving services.

This service grew out of requests from female customers who were not comfortable having male staff enter their rooms and handle their packages during moving. Organizing and Storage Advisors* offer techniques for organizing packages prior to moving, to room arrangement advice to make their new home comfortable. Combining past moving service with the knowledge and experience of female staff as added value, SG Moving offer superior moving service geared to alleviating the concerns of female customers.

At the 6th Quality Championships held by SG Moving November 2017, a team of three women splendidly won the champion's crown. This achievement at the Championship also served to highlight how the expansion of the Ladies Moving service has led to promoting a more diverse organization.

*An Organizing and Storage Advisor is a certification given by the Housekeeping Association, a specified NPO, to persons who have studied the foundations of organization and storage of goods in an academic way.

The female staff helps relieve every type of anxiety from questions about moving to the layout of furniture upon delivery.

The female staff helps relieve every type of anxiety from questions about moving to the layout of furniture upon delivery.

  • Carefully moving interiors and clothing and customer's other precious possessions with a sensitivity particular to women.

    Carefully moving interiors and clothing and customer's other precious possessions with a sensitivity particular to women.

  • A women's team won at the 6th Quality Championships.

    A women's team won at the 6th Quality Championships.

Promoting the Participation of Diverse Human Resources

The SG Holdings Group has diverse human resources actively working in a wide range of fields.
For example, as of the end of our fiscal 2017, we had over 3,700 foreign nationals in Group companies throughout Japan. Some Group companies also provide career support for foreign employees returning to their home country. They are encouraged to continue working at a local subsidiary of the Group there while taking advantage of their work experience in Japan.
We also promote continued employment of retirees and are considering new re-employment promotion strategies that can increase opportunities for actively leveraging the experience these employees have gained during the course of their careers.
The Group is also working to create an environment in which persons with disabilities can manifest their individuality and capacities. We provide opportunities to learn about the employment of the disabled and ensure that correct knowledge is disseminated. The ratio of persons with disabilities employed by the Group in Japan is now 2.28%.

Group Employment Ratio of Persons with Disabilities 2.28%

*As of June 2018

Creating a Work Environment Friendly to Foreign Nationals

SG Motors employs foreign exchange students who have studied at auto mechanics technical schools in Japan as auto mechanics.
In fiscal 2018 the number of foreign nationals employed as automotive mechanics reached 53, or about 10% of all automotive mechanics.
There is no difference in terms of employment opportunities between foreign and Japanese auto mechanics, but cultural and linguistic impediments do exist. Aware of this, SG Motors is working hard to create an environment where its foreign automobile mechanics can effectively utilize their skills. These efforts to develop a work environment friendly to foreign mechanics include offering courses to them on Japanese culture and habits and training sessions for exchanging opinions. There is also training for the Japanese staff about effectively interacting with the foreign mechanics. In this way foreign mechanics hone their skills through work and training, and that in the future they will be able to take charge of even the most difficult repair work alongside their Japanese counterparts.

Continuing Employment after Retirement

Each year, the SG Holdings Group holds Pre-Retirement Seminars for employees in Japan who will reach retirement age the following year to present a concrete image of post-retirement life. The seminars cover work, financial planning, the public pension plan, health, and other subjects. Of the 144 employees who reached retirement age in fiscal 2017, 123, or over 80%, opted for continued employment. They continue to work enthusiastically in workplaces best suited to their respective skills and aptitudes where they can leverage their past experience and also serve as strong mentors for young employees.
In order to further expand the opportunities for continuing work after retirement age, the Group is working on re-employment promotion programs at each Group company.

Welcoming Enrollees from Local Youth Support Stations

SG Fielder welcomes registrants from Local Youth Support Stations at its Tokyo Big Bay Complex, which combines the functions of a transfer center and a sales office.
Local Youth Support Centers are support agencies contracted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The purpose of the centers is to provide direct and comprehensive back-up to young people, who are first entering the workforce, up to the point that they become firmly established in their respective workplaces. During the period, by supporting the youth themselves as well as their families, they help the youth develop the ability to work. In fiscal 2017 SG Fielder provided for workplace experience to 14 youth. By conferring with them about their aptitudes and future career paths based on such experiences in the workplace, the company wants to support the first steps of these youth toward becoming full-fledged working adults.

Employment of Athletes

The SG Holdings Group has a softball team belonging to the Japan Women's Softball League Section 1 and a men's track and field team as official sports clubs.
Through them, the Group supports the creation of an environment where athletes can continue to actively participate in sports, and at the same time work as employees.* Cheering on these athletes, who are also colleagues at work, enhances group solidarity. In addition to striving to win top places in competitions and develop national team athletes, the SG Holdings Group also supports the development of the next generation of sportsmen by sponsoring training sessions for elementary and junior high school students with our teams.

*There are also some athletes with the group having a different form of employment.

Official Sports Clubs
  • Softball Team

    Softball Team

  • Track and Field Team

    Track and Field Team

Supporting Work-life Management

The SG Holdings Group has promoted workplace culture reform and system reforms in order to respond flexibly to the diverse values and family circumstances of employees. By this, we aim to create an environment where all employees can maintain work-life balance with peace of mind and make the most of their capabilities.

IKUBOSU Proclamation

In August 2017, the SG Holdings Group announced the IKUBOSU Proclamation promoted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. IKUBOSU means bosses (managers and executives) who care about the work-life balance of their subordinates and staff in the workplace and support them in their careers and private lives.
While enhancing the performance of the organization, these bosses never fail to enjoy their own work and private lives. The SG Holdings Group supports childcare, caregiving, and the work-life balance of its employees.
By enabling them to choose from diverse work styles, the Group hopes to see its employees work independently and very productively to achieve strong results.

Holding Up the IKUBOSU Proclamation Tadashi Machida, President and COO (as of August 2017), Eiichi Kuriwada, Chairperson and CEO

Holding Up the IKUBOSU Proclamation
Tadashi Machida, President and COO (as of August 2017),
Eiichi Kuriwada, Chairperson and CEO

Supporting Childcare

In the area of childcare, starting from fiscal 2016, we lengthened the period for working shorter hours for employees raising children to the time the child completes the fourth grade of elementary school and created an environment where it is easy for employees entitled to childcare leave to return to the workplace. In addition, we added a new page supporting male employees' participation in childcare to our childcare support guidebook "Working Papa and Mama Guide" in order to encourage male employees as well to take childcare leave. Additionally, in conjunction with the initiation of the Mutual Aid Society, information useful to employees and their families about health, in-house events, etc. has been expanded on the Group's employee welfare website "Familink."

The Working Papa and Mama Guide

The Working Papa and Mama Guide

"SGH Kids Garden" In-house Nursery School

The SG Holdings Group opened the SGH Kids Garden, the Group's first in-house nursery school, in April 2017. Its goals are to solve the problem of children left on waiting lists to enter nursery schools, which has become a major social issue, promote the active participation of women in society, and support work-life balance. SGH Kids Garden achieves a level of education and safety equal to that of a licensed nursery school. Comprehensive optional services such as laundry and towels for naps are also available. We, of course, also support Group employees to return to work and in this way also aid the spouses of our employees to take their place in society.

  • Inside the Nursery School

    Inside the Nursery School

  • Thinnings from forests owned by Sagawa Forestry are used plentifully in the SGH Kids Garden facility and in toys to create an educational space where nature can be felt close by through the feel of wood.

    Thinnings from forests owned by Sagawa Forestry are used plentifully in the SGH Kids Garden facility and in toys to create an educational space where nature can be felt close by through the feel of wood.

Construction of a Shared House to Promote Interaction among Employees

The SG Holdings Group has begun construction of a shared house for Group employees in Koto-ku, Tokyo as a part of its Diversity and Inclusion initiatives aimed at promoting the participation of diverse human sources.
This apartment, being built by SG Realty with the aim of completion by January 2019, is planned to have common spaces of kitchen and dining room, a gym and kids' space. This concept will promote interchange among employees of different gender, age, and nationality to promote innovation and solidarity among employees. Wood from the Sagawa Forestry, a Group company, will be used in the entrance and the second floor of the building to welcome residents to an atmosphere of warmth and harmony.
In addition, there are plans for invigorating the local community and events for creating interaction with local residents.

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