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Contributing to Communities



As a socially responsible corporation operating in communities around the world, the SG Holdings Group strives for social harmony through its business in logistics, which serves as social infrastructure. Following our SG Holdings Group Charter of Corporate Conduct and Code of Ethics and Conduct, our initiatives are focused on the areas of supporting and partnering with local governments and providing services that contribute to community development.


Supporting and Partnering with Local Governments

Reconstruction support for local governments in the disaster-affected areas

Sagawa Express provides various forms of recovery assistance when disaster strikes, such as transporting emergency supplies and distributing them to evacuation centers in affected areas. The company supported relief operations including transporting supplies in response to requests from the Cabinet Office Disaster Control Headquarters and the affected local government, Kumamoto City, in the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes, and from the affected Asakura City in the 2017 Northern Kyushu Flood. Additionally, Sagawa Express has formed disaster support agreements with 65 local governments (as of August 31, 2018).

Supporting community disaster risk reduction

As a designated public institution under the Disaster Countermeasures Basic Act of Japan, Sagawa Express assists local governments in the efficient preparation and implementation of their disaster risk reduction plans. In January 2018, the company collaborated in a training event for transporting disaster relief supplies, co-organized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and Saitama City. Using the Kitakanto Branch Saitama Sales Office as an in-city distribution center, participants practiced a fully integrated truck-based transport operation connecting regional distribution centers in Saitama prefecture with local evacuation centers.

  • Supporting community disaster risk reduction
  • Supporting community disaster risk reduction
ColumnCase Study: Disaster Recovery Assistance in Asakura, Fukuoka

The SG Holdings Group provided disaster recovery assistance for about three months (August 8 to October 31, 2017) in response to a request from Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture, which was heavily damaged by torrential rains that hit northern Kyushu in July. Initially, the task of managing relief supplies and delivering them to evacuation centers was handled by city employees, but the pace of organizing supplies and the burden of the work proved too great for them to handle alone.
To address these issues, the SG Holdings Group set up a system that allowed city employees to focus on their usual tasks and on reconstruction.
SG Moving relocated the relief supplies from a school gymnasium, which served as a consolidation center, to the Group's distribution warehouse. At the warehouse, Sagawa Global Logistics organized the supplies by type and otherwise managed consolidation to streamline shipments, while also handling receipt, storage, and shipping operations. Sagawa Express's Sales Drivers delivered relief supplies along fixed routes, while SG Systems provided support operations via its call centers. By collaborating in this way, Group companies found comprehensive and integrated solutions to the needs of affected local governments, thus enabling a more efficient recovery.

Case Study: Disaster Recovery Assistance in Asakura, Fukuoka

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Comprehensive partnership agreements for regional revitalization with local governments

Regional Japan faces a growing array of challenges, and many local governments are taking proactive steps to build attractive, livable communities. As a nationwide business, Sagawa Express is entering into comprehensive partnership agreements for regional revitalization with local governments and actively seeking solutions to diverse issues. As of July 31, 2018, we've formed partnerships with 18 prefectures and 8 cities across Japan.
These agreements are broad in scope, covering everything from economic revitalization to disaster recovery. Examples include contributing to tourism through the promotion of "Hands-Free Travel" building systems to help distribute and sell local products, and transporting relief supplies during disasters. To help build more secure and comfortable communities, we are also advancing initiatives that address social issues, including fostering children and youth, supporting the elderly and people with disabilities, and conserving the environment.

Partnership agreement signing ceremony with Okayama Prefecture

Partnership agreement signing ceremony with Okayama Prefecture

History of partnership agreements formed
2015 June Hirado City
2016 March Kyoto Prefecture
Yamanashi Prefecture
August Osaka Prefecture
Yokohama City
Tochigi Prefecture
October Okayama City
2017 February Kagoshima Prefecture
Miyazaki Prefecture
March Niigata City
Kumamoto City
Gunma Prefecture
Shimane Prefecture
May Yamaguchi Prefecture
August Nagoya City
Oita Prefecture
September Kochi Prefecture
Ehime Prefecture
October Mie Prefecture
December Shizuoka Prefecture
2018 January Tottori Prefecture
February Okayama Prefecture
March Hiroshima City
May Hokkaido
Aichi Prefecture
July Saga Prefecture

Providing Services that Contribute to Community Development

"Hands-Free Travel" service

The partnership agreement signed with each local government includes "Hands-Free Travel," a service that collects baggage from tourists and delivers them to their desired location so they can enjoy traveling hands-free.
The services are offered at 15 permanent stores across Japan (as of April 2018), with11 counters in them designated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. As the number of tourists visiting Japan grows, Hands-Free Travel encourages longer-distance excursions, thereby promoting tourism and revitalizing metropolitan and tourist areas.

Tokyo Skytree Town Service Center

Tokyo Skytree Town Service Center

Meeting the growing inbound tourism demand

Sagawa Express operates a delivery counter at two locations inside the JR Osaka station. Given the large number of international tourists, English-speaking staff are always available to provide easy access to services.
In April 2018, the company also began offering a bag check service inside the Hida Takayama Tourist Information Center, a popular visiting spot for tourists, located near Takayama Jinya, the heart of tourism in Takayama City.

A delivery counter for inbound tourists inside Osaka Station City (JR Osaka station)

A delivery counter for inbound tourists inside Osaka Station City (JR Osaka station)

Hands-Free Travel services used at events

Sightseeing Without Baggage services are offered not just at permanent stores but also at various event venues using temporary retail spaces. At Ashikaga Flower Park, Sagawa Express set up a temporary booth in expectation that existing facilities would be insufficient for meeting demand, especially during Golden Week holidays when tourism peaks. Many users were international tourists, and the spread of information over social media helped to increase the number of users.

Permanent stores that offer Hands-Free Travel services

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Prefecture Store Bag check Same-day hotel delivery Airport pickup Domestic shipping International shipping MLIT designation
Tokyo Tokyo Skytree Town Service Center
Tokyo Service Center
Asakusa Kaminarimon Service Center -
Shinjuku Service Center -
Terminal Ginza delivery Counter
Kanagawa LaLaport Ebina delivery Support Center - - - -
Gifu Hida Takayama Tourist Information Center inside Takayama Hand Baggage Counter - - -
Osaka Osaka Station City Tourist Service Center Delivery Counter - -
Travel Service Center Osaka Delivery Counter -
Kyoto Kyoto Station Delivery Counter - - - - -
Ehime Matsuyama Airport Home Delivery Counter - - -
Fukuoka Hakata Deitos Delivery Service Counter - - - -
Fukuoka Service Center - *
Kagoshima Kagoshima Central Station Baggage Storage - - -
Okinawa Naha Airport delivery Counter - - - -

As of April 30, 2018
*At Fukuoka Service Center, two Hands-Free Travel counters are designated.

Mixing freight and passengers with local transport networks

Sagawa Express is promoting the mixing of freight and passenger transport. Low passenger demand caused by population decline and aging has made it difficult for communities, especially those experiencing depopulation, to maintain infrastructure and secure labor for transportation. By marrying different transport modes, the company has built and begun operating systems that make use of excess capacity in each mode, thereby solving their respective issues.
Transporting freight using excess capacity on trains, buses, taxies, and other modes reduces truck shipments, which not only benefits the environment through reduced CO2 emissions, but also helps maintain buses, trains, and other transport infrastructure that provides essential services to community residents.
Going forward, we hope to create more success stories in solving social issues by continuing to accurately identify the specific issues communities face and by comprehensively and organically changing the waypeople and goods are carried through collaboration with stakeholders, such as through comprehensive partnership agreements with local governments and deeper partnerships with local businesses.


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2017 Apr. Hokuetsu Express Began mixed transport of freight and passengers between Uragawara (Joetsu City, Niigata) and Muikamachi (Minami Uonuma City).
Aug. Chubu District Transport Bureau, MLIT Began a pilot test of a mixed freight and passenger model using fixed-route buses between Takayama City, Gifu, and Matsumoto City, Nagano (until November 2017).
Nohi Noriai Jidosha
Alpico Kotsu
Sep. Iyotestu Group Began offering the fixed-route bus service that delivers baggage to partner hotels in Ehime Prefecture.
Uwajima Bus
Setouchi Bus
Nov. Asahikawa Chuo Limousine Taxi Began a mixed freight and passenger model using shared taxis between JR Higashi-Asahikawa Station and Peipan district in Hokkaido.
2018 Feb. Ugokotsu Pilot test between Yurihonjo City and Nikaho City (until February) and between Funagawa and Kitaurayumoto in Oga City, Akita Prefecture (until March)
Mar. Akita Chuo Kotsu
Jun. MK Began providing same-day baggage delivery service using shared taxis between Kansai International Airport and locations in Kyoto City.
  • Shipping freight along with passengers on a shared taxi (Asahikawa Chuo Limousine Taxi)
  • Shipping freight along with passengers on a shared taxi (Asahikawa Chuo Limousine Taxi)

Shipping freight along with passengers on a shared taxi (Asahikawa Chuo Limousine Taxi)

Home delivery service provided by retirement-aged workers

In the cities of Imari and Saga in Saga Prefecture, and in Kitakyushu in Fukuoka Prefecture, local seniors are delivering packages on behalf of Sagawa Express. The project is a business partnership between Sagawa Express and senior centers run by local governments. Sagawa Express delivers packages to distribution centers in each region, where retirement-aged staff transfer the packages to bicycles or hand carts and deliver them to nearby homes and businesses. This project not only alleviates labor shortages in the logistics industry and reduces the burden on drivers, but also helps seniors find paid work and can even be used in neighborhood watch activities. The company plans to expand delivery areas and workers going forward.

Home delivery service provided by retirement-aged workers
Opening of the Nagasaki Business Support Center

SG Expert opened the Business Support Center in Nagasaki City with the goal of strengthening disaster preparedness as part of its Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and securing a stable base of skilled human resources. The center is the largest regional site for SG Expert and the first in Nagasaki Prefecture to be recognized by a national program which aims for transfer and expansion of headquarters functions away from metropolitan areas. The center is also contributing to job creation in the region.

Opening of the Nagasaki Business Support Center
Alliance with Lawson, Inc.

SG Holdings created a business alliance with Lawson, Inc. in 2015 and established the SG Lawson, Inc. joint venture company. The business delivers Sagawa Express packages and Lawson products within 500 meters of participating Lawson stores by hand cart or bicycle. It reduces environmental impacts while also providing employment to at-home parents and seniors who just want to work close to home.

SG Lawson delivers packages by hand cart or bicycle

SG Lawson delivers packages by hand cart or bicycle

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