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The SG Holdings Group strives to create a corporate culture in which every employee conducts business with the high ethical standards and compliance standards and responds appropriately to changes in the social and business environment. The SG Holdings Group Code of Ethics and Conduct constitutes the backbone of the Group's compliance posture. Based on our Compliance Regulations we have built and maintain a culture of conducting business with the high ethical standards, continually striving to improve our business operations and our credibility with the public.

Fiscal 2017 Goals and Results


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Fiscal 2017 Goals KPI Results and progress of fiscal 2017 initiatives Boundary Related SDGs
Sagawa Express Japan Overseas
Create and maintain a compliance system that does not stop at merely strict compliance with laws and regulations but also meets the expectations of society at large
  • One Code of Ethics and Conduct training session
  • Two insider trading prevention training sessions
  • One human rights and harassment training session
  • One Code of Ethics and Conduct training session held
  • Two insider trading prevention training sessions held
  • One human rights and harassment education session held
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At the SG Holdings Group, the Legal Affairs Department of SG Holdings in coordination with Group companies takes the lead in developing and guiding our compliance system, while the Internal Audit Department monitors compliance.
We operate an SG Holdings Group Compliance Hotline based on the Internal Whistleblowing system as a means for employees, their families and partner companies to report behavior which violates laws or regulations, internal rules or the Code of Ethics and Conduct.
Starting from 2017 we also put in place an external hotline. Additionally, we are taking steps to prevent insider trading. With instances of listed overseas companies joining the Group and business and capital alliances with listed companies increasing, and particularly in conjunction with the recent listing of the Company's own shares, we have taken the occasion to further strengthen our insider trading prevention regulations and have established a system of controls including a blackout period and establishment of an application procedure prior to trading company shares.

A Poster Announcing the Internal Whistleblowing System

A Poster Announcing the Internal Whistleblowing System


Code of Ethics and Conduct Training

The SG Holdings Group Charter of Corporate Conduct places great weight on the respect for human rights and other internationally accepted standards of conduct as well as clearly stressing the importance of giving consideration to the culture and customs of all stakeholders.
Emphasis is also placed on the cultivation of employees' ethical standards and self-discipline based on that and training sessions on the Code of Ethics and Conduct are held annually for all Group employees. The code is read jointly by employees at each department, section, service center and other organizational unit of the Group.

Insider Trading Prevention Training

In conjunction with the listing of the Company's shares we are holding insider trading prevention education sessions twice a year aimed primarily at employees in Japan, providing in-house training and taking other steps to inform employees about insider trading prevention.
The SG Holdings Group also uses its internal portal site to post "Compliance Newsletter" and "Insider trading Prevention Newsletter" as key means for enforcing internal controls. Going forward we will continue strengthening compliance efforts.

Harassment Prevention Training

The SG Holdings Group has established June as "Harassment Prevention Month" as a major initiative in our drive to create a positive harassment-free work environment where the diversity, personality and individuality of all employees are respected and employees can work with enthusiasm and motivation.
In fiscal 2017 we expanded and intensified our efforts in Japan to include not only the prevention of sexual and power harassment but other areas as well, including prevention of maternity harassment and moral harassment, which have become prominent social issues.

Protection of Intellectual Property

In order to conduct its business in a sound manner the SG Holdings Group takes measures to effectively manage its intellectual property and ensure knowledge and awareness of intellectual property.
We have established the Intellectual Property Deliberation Committee as a means of protecting the Group's intellectual property, work to obtain legal proprietary rights over the intellectual property of each Group company based upon the full review and recommendations of that committee and centrally manage and maintain those rights.
In order not to infringe on the intellectual property rights of others we constantly monitor the intellectual property rights where there is the possibility of infringement by us and disseminate information to the concerned units to ensure that they take appropriate precautions. We continually make efforts to promote knowledge and awareness about these activities throughout the Group.

Blockage of Relationships with Anti-social Forces

The SG Holdings Group has established "Exclusion of Anti-social Forces Regulations" to ensure that we have no dealings with anti-social forces which threaten the order and safety of society and we avoid any relationships whatsoever with anti-social forces including but not limited to acceding to unjust demands, engaging in backroom dealings or providing funds. These regulations are clearly stated in the Basic Policy of Internal Control and prescribed in the Charter of Corporate Conduct and the Code of Ethics and Conduct and we work to ensure that all employees are fully cognizant of them. As concrete countermeasures we have (1) instituted the continuous review ("anti-social check") of attributes of counterparties (both customers and business partners) and (2) established an Unjust Demand Hotline to ensure the quick resolution of cases when employees receive unjust demands.
We continue to strengthen these systems and by sharing information on anti-social forces and responses to them we strive to fully prevent and block interference of our business partners.

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