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Risk Management/BCP



The SG Holdings Group maintains a risk management system to monitor, evaluate and manage the risks attendant on the business operations of Group companies. Each Group company monitors its risk cycle based on a risk management flow and unified risk management is effectuated through sharing the risks set by each company across the Group as whole.

Risk Management Flow
  1. 01Identification

    Monitoring, documentation and unified risk management

  2. 02Evaluation

    Preparation of risk maps prioritizing risks by degree of impact and frequency of occurrence

  3. 03Countermeasures

    Development of countermeasures in accordance with the order of priority

  4. 04Review

    Review of the identification of risks, evaluation and countermeasures at least once a year

Risk Management Flow
Risk Map
Risk Map

Fiscal 2017 Goals and Results

Risk Management

Boundary: Scope of application of goal
Related SDGs: Targets of SDGs (sustainable development goals) closely related to the goal

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Fiscal 2017 Goals KPI Results and progress of fiscal 2017 initiatives Boundary Related SDGs
Sagawa Express Japan Overseas
Identification and adoption of steps to mitigate the risks facing the Group as a whole and, as a business responsible for social infrastructure, attainment of a high level of crisis management Two safety check training sessions Two safety check training sessions held Some Business Locations 11.b




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Group Risk Management Meetings

A general meeting having as participants SG Holdings directors, department managers and presidents of Group companies is held monthly to review and report on risks of individual Group companies and of the Group as a whole. At these meetings a review of the risks facing each company based on the risk management flow is discussed by the entire Group.



In order to assure the continuity of the SG Holdings Group in the event of a major earthquake, fire, explosion, flooding or other major natural disaster, accident or contingency, the Group has formulated a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) clearly setting forth an action plan starting from initial response through the restart of business activities. The BCP states clear action guidelines, organizational structure and functions, the standards for the initiation of the BCP and the establishment of a crisis management headquarters in the event of a disaster, etc.
We continue to work assiduously on Business Continuity Management measures to ensure that the BCP works as effectively as envisioned.

Safety Check Training

We have established a safety check system covering all group employees in Japan and have conducted two response training exercises under the system, which constitutes the initial response in the deployment of the BCP. Based on the BCP, we have set a target rate for responses within the first 24 hours after the occurrence of an incident of 90%.

Business Continuity Training

We conduct group-wide joint business continuity training annually with the focus on Group companies in Japan. In fiscal 2017 we conducted a readiness test based on the premise of the occurrence of a major earthquake with its hypocenter in Tokyo Bay. The crisis management headquarters of each Group company carried out a safety check of its employees; secured vehicles, fuel and staff; checked the condition of systems and facilities, took preservative measures and evaluated the ability to respond quickly and appropriately as a coordinated group to requests from the competent ministries and agencies, local governments and customers.
The presidents and staff in charge of BCM from SG Holdings and business corporations in Japan and overseas, 18 in all, together with people from outside the company including competent ministries and agencies and local governments and business partners participating as observers, were involved in the exercise.
In all 191 persons took part, the largest number since we began conducting these tests.

Business Continuity Training

Business Continuity Training

SGH Group BCM Structure
SGH Group BCM Structure

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