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The SG Holdings Group has established an Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policy aimed at the realization of a sustainable society, and performs reduction of CO2 emissions through business, 3R promotion activities, preservation of biodiversity and environmental education for the next generation. Furthermore, the Group is engaged in environmental initiatives in collaboration with the national government, local governments and other companies. We will fulfill our responsibility to provide social infrastructure by actively engaging in the reduction of environmental impact as a leading company in the industry.

Environmental Philosophy

The SG Holdings Group engages in voluntary and continuous environmental management by conducting environmentally friendly business activities while seeking to coexist with society and nature.

Environmental Policy

  1. 01Prevention of global warming

    We will engage in the reduction of CO2 emissions in our business activities and the prevention of global warming through the provision of environmentally friendly products and services, and resource-saving and energy-saving activities.

  2. 02Prevention of pollution

    We will strive to prevent air pollution, water pollution and soil contamination in our business activities.

  3. 03Promotion of the 3Rs*

    All Group companies will further promote the 3Rs in business activities, contributing to a sustainable society.

    *The 3Rs refer to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

  4. 04Environmental education initiatives

    We will provide environmental education on reducing environmental impact in addition to preservation and regeneration of the natural environment to all Group employees in an effort to raise awareness of environmental issues.

  5. 05Environmental communication initiatives

    We will endeavor to provide active disclosure with the aim of achieving mutual understanding with local communities, and broadly engage in environmental communication to children who will be responsible for the next generation.

Fiscal 2017 Goals and Results

Boundary: Scope of application of goal
Related SDGs: Targets of SDGs (sustainable development goals) closely related to the goal

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Goal KPIs Results and progress of fiscal 2017 initiatives Boundary Related SDGs
Sagawa Express Japan Overseas

Realize sustainable business in harmony with the earth's environment by reducing CO2 emissions throughout the Group, improving energy efficiency, and increasing the rate of use of renewable energy.

CO2 emissions (total) -1% year-on-year CO2 emissions (total) 378,788t (95.4% compared to fiscal 2016)     7.2
Use of energy per ton-kilometer transported -1% year-on-year Use of energy per ton-kilometer transported 1.37t (100.1% compared to fiscal 2016)    
Waste output Year-on-year reduction of amount wasted Waste output 3,417t (117.8% compared to fiscal 2016)     12.4
Water usage Year-on-year reduction of amount used Water usage 723.152m3 (100.1% compared to fiscal 2016)     12.4


Systems Aimed at Reduction of Environmental Impact

Meetings of the CSR Committee attended by SG Holdings directors are held quarterly to discuss and share information on policies and initiatives for ESG activities with a focus on the environment.
Furthermore, the Public Relations and CSR Unit in the General Affairs Department conducts group-wide management in SG Holdings. The core company Sagawa Express has established a dedicated department to promote activities related to the reduction of environmental impact. Other Group companies have also appointed CSR personnel, and meetings of Group CSR personnel are held biannually (first half and second half of the fiscal year) to promote activities aimed at the reduction of environmental impact by sharing information on initiatives and holding workshops.

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